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The Best Appetizers to Serve with Red Wine

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 31, 2019
The Best Appetizers to Serve with Red Wine

Red wine is delicious, healthy and more versatile than you might think. That's why it is the top choice for those wishing to enjoy a drink in the company of friends or a partner. However when serving this gorgeous liquid, we do not always consider the appetizers, i.e. those delightful foods that go well with the wine and that serve to contrast or accentuate the wine's rich flavor. If you are completely lost and need guidance, then read on. We explain on some of the divine appetizers to server with red wine.

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  1. Aged cheeses
  2. Cured meats
  3. Black olives
  4. Cold meats

Aged cheeses

One of the classic appetizers to serve with red wine is matured cheese. The flavour and intensity combine perfectly with this drink. It is also a very simple alternative as you only have to choose two or three types and serve them with some bread to ensure the enjoyment of all your guests.

You can opt for alternatives such as:

  • Roquefort or blue cheeses to go well with heavier reds.
  • Manchego cheese or provolone cheese which blend perfectly with Cabernet wines.
  • A good parmesan goes swimmingly with any red.
  • A cheddar cheese of an intense flavor combines perfectly with Merlot.

You can also serve cream cheese spreads and vary the snacks.

The Best Appetizers to Serve with Red Wine - Aged cheeses

Cured meats

There is no doubt that combining a good red wine with quality cured meat is a simply wonderful decision. In fact, just serve two or three cheeses and cold meats - on a cheese board, of course - to have the best snacks for red wine without any major complications.

Among the meats, you can choose delights such as:

  • Serrano ham
  • Good quality chorizo
  • Pork loin
  • Salami
  • Smoked sausage

Any high quality cured meat which you love. Remember it is important to combine at least two and serve them with a basket of sliced bread, French toast or breadsticks. Delightful!

The Best Appetizers to Serve with Red Wine - Cured meats

Black olives

A plate of black olives goes perfectly well with a glass of red wine, good cold meat and some cheese. It's an easy choice. It's easy to serve and it's quickly done. What else do you need?

The Best Appetizers to Serve with Red Wine - Black olives

Cold meats

Other alternative snacks which you can serve to accompany the red wine are red meats, served cold. They're simply delicious, so you can choose:

  • Beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese - delicious!
  • Roast beef rolls with sauce

Now that you have such wonderful ideas to accompany this drink, it is full of health benefits when you enjoy the special moment. Do not forget to serve your wine at the right temperature. That should be between 16 ° C and 18 ° C (60 ° F and 64 ° F) - so, if necessary, cool the wine a bit for maximum enjoyment. You can now easily host a wine and food pairing party for everyone to enjoy!

The Best Appetizers to Serve with Red Wine - Cold meats

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The Best Appetizers to Serve with Red Wine