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How to Make Mcdonalds Oreo Frappé at Home

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: February 25, 2021
How to Make Mcdonalds Oreo Frappé at Home

Do you fancy Mcdonalds Oreo frappé? You can make Oreo frappé at home, and it will taste as good as Mcdonalds´ one, with less calories. Oreo biscuits will be your best allies; they are the main ingredient of the recipe of Oreo frappé. If you are a fan of Oreos then you have probably already tried the Oreo cake, the delicious Oreo Marquise and the Oreo Milkshake. Recipes of Oreo desserts are always quick and easy. So why not try this refreshing summer recipe of Oreo frappé? Discover how to make Mcdonalds Oreo frappé at home, an ideal recipe for hot summer days, when we crave something fresh and energizing.

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Steps to follow:


The recipe of Oreo frappé is so easy to make at home, and so delicious that you might actually get addicted to it once you try it, you are warned!

So, let´s get back to how to make Mcdonalds Oreo frappé at home:

Crush the biscuits but leave some whole pieces as they will add flavor and make the Mcdonalds Oreo frappé crunchier. The best way to attain that at home is by putting the Oreos in a blender, or use an electric whisk to grind them.


Then add the Oreos to the blender or container where you are mixing cold milk with vanilla ice cream. Stir with the whisk or blender until all the ingredients are well mixed to a thick milkshake, a typical Mcdonalds Oreo frappé texture.

How to Make Mcdonalds Oreo Frappé at Home - Step 2

You could serve your homemade Mcdonalds Oreo frappé as it is, decorating it with a whole Oreo and then drinking it. However, OneHowTo.com´s recipe of Oreo frappé suggests a more professional presentation: serve the drink with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, similarly to Starbucks or Mcdonalds Oreo frappé. Like that, you will get a perfect Mcdonalds Oreo frappé at home, only cheaper and healthier.


The whipped or custard cream must be placed on top of the Oreo frappé, as a decoration to the drink, and later mixed into the drink itself, as you would do when drinking a Mcdonalds Oreo frappé. That adds an aesthetically beautiful and delicious touch to the Oreo frappé. You can buy the cream ready-made or make it at home following the instructions on our article on how to prepare whipped cream.

Our recipe of Oreo frappé at home calls for chocolate syrup as a decoration. In that detail, Onehowto.com´s recipe of Oreo frappé differs from Mcdonalds Oreo frappé´s recipe, which normally uses crushed Oreos on top. Because crushed Oreos are already in the drink, we think that chocolate syrup adds a better finishing touch.

How to Make Mcdonalds Oreo Frappé at Home - Step 4

Ready! In just a few minutes you can enjoy an amazing Oreo frappé at home, that´s a great way to start a summer day!

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How to Make Mcdonalds Oreo Frappé at Home