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How to Make Chocolate Fritters at Home

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: February 21, 2017
How to Make Chocolate Fritters at Home

Want to learn how to prepare a unique sweet that will surprise your guests? Chocolate fritters will do the trick, because the taste and texture will delight young and old. They are very easy to make and have their own traditional history in Latin countries such as Spain or Colombia. You'll just need to wait the right amount time and follow the steps in this oneHOWTO article to learn how to make chocolate fritters at home.

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  • For the ganache:
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Steps to follow:


Before beginning to explain how to make chocolate fritters at home, you should know that this recipe is used for making fritters that incorporate chocolate into the dough as well as in the filling. However it is also possible to make pumpkin fritters and fill them with chocolate or simply make traditional fritters that are covered in chocolate.

How to Make Chocolate Fritters at Home - Step 1

The first step in preparing the chocolate fritters is to make the dough; to do this, start beating the eggs in a bowl or use an electric mixer. Then add the remaining ingredients: baking soda, which will make the dough spongy, cocoa powder, sugar, water and flour.


Beat the ingredients until you have a homogeneous mixture, i.e., one that is chocolaty and doesn't have lumps. Note that if you do not own a mixer, you can also hand beat it with a whisk, it will just take longer. Once you've finished beating it, cover the bowl of dough with transparent film or wax paper and put it in the refrigerator where you should leave it for at least 3 hours.

How to Make Chocolate Fritters at Home - Step 3

In the meanwhile, you can make the chocolate ganache which will be the filling of our chocolate fritters. Pour the cream into a saucepan, add the butter and put it on low heat so that it warms up. When it is hot, add the chopped chocolate and stir this until it has completely melted.


Once the ganache is ready, pour it into molds for chocolates or an ice cube try. Then put the mold with the chocolate balls in the freezer and leave them in for at least an hour.

How to Make Chocolate Fritters at Home - Step 5

Next, heat a pan with abundant oil while using a needle to prick the ganache balls so you can put them in the dough of the fritters and completely cover them. Turn them over a few times to remove excess dough and put them in the hot oil for frying. When done, take them out and place them on paper towels to remove excess oil from the fritters. Do this with each chocolate fritter until the ganache and dough is used up.


You now have your delicious chocolate fritters ready to be eaten as an original and decadent dessert! Enjoy!

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How to Make Chocolate Fritters at Home