Boiling Crayfish

How to Cook Crayfish - Boil Recipe

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Cook Crayfish - Boil Recipe

Do you want to prepare some delicious crayfish but aren't sure how? The truth is that it's a fairly easy process; however, some useful tricks will help you prepare an outstandingly delicious seafood dish. What are you waiting for? Let OneHowTo explain a recipe of how to cook crawfish boil for a dish that will leave your guests in awe and asking for second helpings.

You'll need:

  • Fresh crawfish
  • Water
  • Sea salt
  • Bay leaves (optional)

Steps to follow:


First, before we start explaining how to boil crayfish, it is very important that you consider the following important tip. When cooking seafood, whatever it may be, the water should be salty. If you live by the sea, we recommend walking down to the beach and filling a jug full of seawater to use in the kitchen. Those who do not have the luxury of living near the sea should instead add plenty of salt to cooking water, about 60 - 70 grams per liter of water.

How to Cook Crayfish - Boil Recipe - Step 1

Another important thing to note is that there is a marked difference between cooking with fresh or frozen crayfish because it will have a bearing on the temperature of the water. Given the cold temperature of the frozen crayfish, you will need to add them directly into boiling water. Fresh crayfish, on the other hand, is better when added to cold water before turning the heat up.

How to Cook Crayfish - Boil Recipe - Step 2

Once you have the salted water ready in the casserole dish or pan, add a bay leaf for a touch of extra flavor and, after that, add the crayfish and wait for them to cook through. Cooking time will vary depending on their size:

  • 50 to 100 g: 2 minutes
  • 100 to 150 g: 3 minutes
  • 150 to 200 g: 4 minutes
  • Over 200 g: 5 minutes
How to Cook Crayfish - Boil Recipe - Step 3

Once the crayfish is boiled, remove it from the water to prevent it from overcooking and becoming mushy. Likewise, we recommend plunging it into a container with cold water and ice to stop it from cooking any further. Serve it cold.

How to Cook Crayfish - Boil Recipe - Step 4

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How to Cook Crayfish - Boil Recipe