How to Cut a Serrano Pepper

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Cut a Serrano Pepper

Serrano pepper, the 2 inches long green pepper ranges 10,000 to 25,000 in the Scoville heat index. But what’s life without a little chili? The main problem arises not when we are having peppers in a meal but rather during prepping peppers for the meal. A few tips can save your hands from burning due to peppers and also you can control the amount of heat in your meal. In this OneHowTo article we will know how to cut a Serrano pepper.


  1. Prepping the hand
  2. Cutting the Serrano pepper
  3. Mincing the Serrano pepper

Prepping the hand

Before you cut a Serrano pepper always cover your hands with gloves. Don’t ever dare to cut Serrano peppers with bare hand. If gloves aren’t available then there is a small tip you can use to save your hands. Cover your hands in oil (any oil) and do make sure that a thick layer of oil coats the skin of your hand. The oil acts as a barrier between your hand and the capsaicin from the Serrano pepper. After cutting the pepper you can wash it off with soap without the burn of Serrano.

Cutting the Serrano pepper

Now that your hand is safe, take the Serrano pepper and cut it in half lengthwise. If you want it to be a bit narrower then again cut each halves in half. You can use the peppers in this way.

If you want to decrease the heat of Serrano pepper then de-seed it and take out the ribs. Most of the heat is concentrated around the seeds and ribs. Removing them will make the peppers a bit milder.

To de-seed the Serrano pepper, hold a quartered piece with the part containing the seed upward. Then hold the knife parallel to the cutting board. Then slice the ribs and seeds off the pepper quarters.

Mincing the Serrano pepper

Adding peppers to salad will make it taste delicious. But long quartered piece of Serrano pepper would spell disaster for your salads. So, minced Serrano peppers can be used comfortably in salads.

To mince the Serrano pepper, take the quartered pieces and cut it into as much thin strips as you can. Then hold all the thin strips together and then start slicing it width wise. The result will be tiny squared pieces of Serrano pepper. You can make it into even more small bits by quickly chopping the tiny pieces. Finally collect these minced pieces and spread it over the salad and enjoy.

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An easy, well-explained process of using and cutting a serrano chili pepper, before cutting, during cutting, and how to use in a recipe.
How to Cut a Serrano Pepper