How to Make Sweets for Diabetics

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make Sweets for Diabetics

Are you diabetic or have a family member who is and want to prepare rich desserts? Then you have come to the right place as in OneHowTo we'd like to explain multiple sweet recipes suitable for people with diabetes. We need only seek alternatives to replace sugar to get results that are equally or even more tasty than traditional recipes. Go ahead and embark on the adventure of discovering how to make sweets for diabetics.

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  1. Cupcakes for diabetics
  2. Icing for diabetics
  3. Cookies for diabetics
  4. Creme caramel for diabetics
  5. Sponge cake for diabetics
  6. Meringue

Cupcakes for diabetics

Want to sign up to cupcakes madness? These little sweets characterized by their delicate decoration can also be suitable for people with diabetes. You need only prepare the dough with suitable sweeteners and make a sugar-free coating.

And so, you just need the basic ingredients: butter, flour, eggs and milk along with your usual sweetener, such as liquid stevia.

In regard to the coating to decorate them we suggest you keep reading to find a cream cheese based icing or a spreadable one that will be a delight to all.

How to Make Sweets for Diabetics - Cupcakes for diabetics

Icing for diabetics

As already noted, it is also possible to prepare icing which is very similar to the classic vanilla, but replacing the ingredients that can not consumed by diabetics with others that are suitable.

And so you will need cream or spreadable cheese (like Philadelphia), liquid sweetener and a few drops of vanilla essence. The resulting texture will be similar to that of normal butter cream and, therefore, you can decorate your cupcakes for diabetics using a pastry bag as usual. You can see all details on how to make icing for diabetics.

How to Make Sweets for Diabetics - Icing for diabetics

Cookies for diabetics

Among sweets suitable for diabetics we can also find biscuits especially prepared for this group, biscuits that have nothing to envy from the traditional ones. To do so we must make shortbread replacing the sugar with a sweetener suitable for people with diabetes.

You just have to mix the softened butter with the eggs, sieved flour and the sweetener to get a homogeneous dough and then oven cook them.

How to Make Sweets for Diabetics - Cookies for diabetics

Creme caramel for diabetics

Did you think it was not possible to cook a crème caramel suitable for people with diabetes? The truth is that it is possible and its taste will not be far from the standard crème caramel puddings. Again, instead of using sugar it will be sweeteners that will do the task of sweetening the pudding and then we will only need milk and eggs to prepare this yummy crème caramel, as well as some vanilla essence to add some flavour.

Remember that the preparation process will require to put the puddings to set in Bain-Marie, be it in the oven or on the stove, and so the containers must be suitable for this process. We explain the full step by step in the article: how to make crème caramel for diabetics.

How to Make Sweets for Diabetics - Creme caramel for diabetics

Sponge cake for diabetics

And which is another classic sweet? Yes, the sponge cake which is also possible to have prepared specifically for people with diabetes or who can not eat sugar. Other than the traditional cake, you can also add a touch of lemon, orange, vanilla or whatever flavour you prefer.

For this you must beat the eggs with the product you choose to sweeten the cake (stevia, aspartame, saccharin...) and then mix it with yoghurt and sieved self raising flour. Consult how to make a sponge cake without sugar and do not miss out on any of the steps in its preparation.

How to Make Sweets for Diabetics - Sponge cake for diabetics


Last but not least is probably the most surprising. Meringue is one of the sweetest and sugar-filled sweet we can find but, it's possible to make absolutely sugar-free.

To make meringue for diabetics you'll only need 3 eggs and sweetener. Just separate the whites from the yolks, beat the whites well, add the sweetener and pipe out on an oven tray. For more details on this recipe you can read how to make sugar free meringue.

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How to Make Sweets for Diabetics