Peeling prawns

How to Peel Prawns

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Peel Prawns

Prawns are a staple in Mediterranean cuisine, and are used in variety of delicious dishes. However, many people avoid eating them as they're not entirely sure about how to peel them and want to avoid any faux pas around the table. With the correct technique is possible to peel this delicious seafood while keeping your hands clean and not making a mess. There is no reason for you to avoid eating this delicious seafood! Let us explain at OneHowTo how to peel prawns properly and simply.

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Steps to follow:


Although peeling prawns may seem complicated, the reality is that it is very simply when the right technique is used. Start by separating the head from the body, which is very easy to do. Just put your thumb and index finger at the lower part of the head (where it meets the body) and press. This should separate both parts. Then decide whether you set aside the head if you would like to use it as a flavour enhancer for any soups or seafood dishes. If they're cooked, you could alternatively savour the meaty flesh inside.

How to Peel Prawns - Step 1

Begin the process of peeling the prawns with the legs. Simply remove them, separating them so that you can see the flesh inside. The prawn shell is not very hard, so it will get done quickly. Also do this by grabbing the legs with the thumb and the index finger and press gently.


Once the legs have been removed, the rest of the shell will come off easily. The only thing left now is the tail, which you can either leave or remove by pulling it gently. Grab the prawn and start removing the peel a bit from one side. Once you pull the side all the peel will come out after.


By following these steps, you'll manage to peel the prawn and eat them without any problems. If you are doing this process with raw prawns, remember the importance of cleaning them properly by removing the intestinal tract.

To achieve this, hold a peeled prawn and make a little incision on the back part with a knife, moving the knife along the length of the back. After doing this, you will see the intestinal tract. Remove using a knife and rinse under water so that the prawn is clean and ready to be cooked.

How to Peel Prawns - Step 4

On the supermarket you can also find prawns ready to eat that won't need to be cleaned, in case you don't want to remove the intestinal tract.

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How to Peel Prawns