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How to Save Over-Whipped Cream

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 4, 2019
How to Save Over-Whipped Cream

Keep it. Just because you have gone a little overboard on the elbow grease, doesn't mean you should waste the cream. Perhaps you have been a little over zealous because you needed to vent some frustration or perhaps you're like me and just get easily distracted, either way you might have found that your cream is starting to look a little more like butter than the smooth whipped cream grandma used to make. It can also be a little difficult to gauge the consistency, especially when using an electric mixer as the cream can seem to be thin one second and over hardened the next. If this happens, don't panic, there is still a solution! Keep reading this oneHOWTO article on how to salvage over-whipped cream and find out what to do.

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Steps to follow:


Whipped cream is the ideal ingredient in a variety of different desserts and is very easy to prepare at home. It is ideal in sponge cakes, pavlovas and, of course, the classic homemade trifle. Although it is very similar to Chantilly cream, the latter has a slightly different, sweeter taste, given that it also contains vanilla and some icing sugar.


When preparing whipped cream it is important to beat the cream well. However, overbeating can make the whey separate from the fat, making the cream curdle and ruining both the appearance and texture of the finished dessert.

When this happens, many people decide to start from scratch and make another batch of whipped cream, but, by applying the following trick, you can still have perfectly fluffy whipped cream without having to throw anything away.

How to Save Over-Whipped Cream - Step 2

To fix the over-whipped cream, allyou will need is some more liquid cream. Start adding a tablespoonful of cream at a time and stir gently using a spatula. To fix the problem, make sure you don't use an electric mixer: you must take over by hand.

How to Save Over-Whipped Cream - Step 3

Add the first spoonful of cream and stir gently until well blended. Keep on adding liquid cream until you get a lovely, creamy consistency, the kind you were looking for in the first place. If you find that you have added too much liquid cream, then you will just need to beat it again, but you should be extra careful.

Using this simple method, you'll salvage your whipped cream. Therefore, next time you make whipped cream, make sure you save a little of the cream in case you happen to over-whip it again.

How to Save Over-Whipped Cream - Step 4

There is another option if you over-whip your cream. When you see it turn into whey and fat, just keep mixing (ideally this time with an electric mixer). You will see the fatty curds start to look like butter and this is because it is turning into that very thing. Pour off the liquid whey, then keep beating so that you get a smooth butter. To finish it off, add a little ice water to it, blend again, then pour off the water.

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How to Save Over-Whipped Cream