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How to Beat Without a Mixer

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Beat Without a Mixer

The mixer is one of the most popular small appliances that we use at home but it can sometimes break down, we may have lent it to someone or whatever the case, we might not have one handy. If you have an emergency and need to make a recipe with a mixer, don't worry, for most cases you have other options. Want to know how to beat without a mixer and what you can beat and what you can't? Read this OneHowTo article carefully because we give you all the details.

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  1. The manual option
  2. Blender
  3. Smoothies without a mixer?

The manual option

As we already know, a mixer mixes the ingredients faster and makes the mixture more even but, if sometimes, you don't have this device, you have to find other solutions. The first thing that comes to mind because it is the simplest to blend without a mixer is a manual option, that is to say, a device that is not electric. This method, in fact, is great for smooth textures and mixtures of lighter consistency because it is much simpler.

A good example that can always be done by hand is beating an egg, whether it is the whole egg or only the white. For this, you can do it with a fork or a whisk, whichever you are more comfortable with.

If you're in mood for something sweet and, for example, want to make dough for biscuits, a cake or bread, a pastry cutter would be the alternative to the recommended blender but if you don't have this, you can do it yourself at home with a wooden spoon. Although it will take longer, it will work just as well.

How to Beat Without a Mixer - The manual option


If you need to know how to beat without a mixer because you don't have one but your mixture needs to be fairly or very consistent, it would be best to get a food blender as a wooden spoon or whisk may not be enough in these cases.

This is a useful alternative to a mixer but it is in fact, a little more expensive, but it is good for even cake or pancake batter. In this case, it is the better tool because it leaves these mixtures smoother and 100% even.

How to Beat Without a Mixer - Blender

Smoothies without a mixer?

They can be done! Is it mid-afternoon and you are craving a smoothie? Want to give the kids a snack and you don't have a mixer to hand? Don't worry, there are some fruits that can be used for times like these, but not all of them. As you may have guessed, they need to be fruits that are not too hard, i.e. as soft as possible.

A good example is a banana as it is very easy to mash. And mashing is precisely the technique that we are going to use. What you need to do is mix the ingredients for the batter (usually banana and ice cream, and if you use a good yogurt, then it won't need to be mashed) and press down firmly over and over again, applying good pressure to make sure the mixture is as soft as possible.

Then we put everything (including the milk and/or yogurt) into a flask or another suitable container that has a lid and shake it in there for a few minutes to mix well. And that's it, bon appetit! At OneHowTo we give you the recipe for a banana smoothie if you want to try it out now.

How to Beat Without a Mixer - Smoothies without a mixer?

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How to Beat Without a Mixer