How to Take Bitterness out of Cucumber

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 6, 2022
How to Take Bitterness out of Cucumber

The bitter taste of a cucumber can ruin a meal which has this fruit as an ingredient. The bitter taste is usually concentrated in the stem end of the cucumber and may be caused by fertilization, temperature, irrigation and plant space. It is very rare for the flavor to be in the deeper parts of the cucumber and is most commonly found in the greenest areas under the skin. In this you can learn how to take bitterness out of cucumber so it never spoils any of your delicious dishes.

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Steps to follow:


The following is one of the best methods to take bitterness out of cucumber. You must first peel the cucumber with a sharp knife and slice the skin until the end of the stem. Stop peeling when you reach about 3 centimeters from the end of the stem. When you peel this vegetable, peel it more deeply near the end of the cucumber, since this is the area where there is a higher concentration of intense bitterness.


Once you have peeled the cucumber well, reaching the areas where the bitter taste is concentrated, rinse the knife thoroughly with cold water to remove all traces of flavor. Now you must take the vegetable and peel it again, starting from the apical area until you reach the end of the stem, to completely finish peeling the cucumber. You should clean the knife again to remove any bitter taste that may remain.

How to Take Bitterness out of Cucumber - Step 2

Having peeled the cucumber in several sections to remove the bitterness, now cut the cucumber in half. It is also recommended that you remove all the seeds. Older cucumbers often contain seeds that can affect their taste, causing them to have an acidic or even bitter taste. Once you have peeled the vegetable and scooped out the seeds, you can cut it into cubes or slices as you like.


Apart from peeling layers off the cucumber, affecting the stem, one of the best ways to get rid of its bitter taste is by soaking the whole cucumber. After peeling, leave it in sugar water for a couple of hours to absorb the sugar and camouflage the unpleasant taste. E

This is a technique that never fails and after spending time in fresh water, and with a little patience, your cucumber will have a delicious, juicy flavor. Then you can slice it as you like and season to taste. For example, if you use spices such as oregano and mint, the result will be delicious.

How to Take Bitterness out of Cucumber - Step 4

Besides soaking the cucumber in fresh water, leaving it in very cold or iced water for about 5 minutes is also a very effective method. You will see that the fruit has lost all traces of bitterness afterwards. Another option for removing this unpopular flavour is with a little milk and sugar. Once the cucumber is peeled, leave it in for a few minutes and you will see that the result is superb.

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How to Take Bitterness out of Cucumber