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How to Use Leftover Pickle Juice

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: August 31, 2020
How to Use Leftover Pickle Juice

Pickles are all-time favorites among households in different parts of the world, and in fact many families consume several pounds of pickles every year. But do you pour the pickle juice down the drain when you eat the last bite of your pickle? That’s a shame, as there are many other ways with which you can use even the last drop of your leftover pickle juice.

Here at oneHOWTO, we are going to tell you how to use leftover pickle juice.

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Make snacks with it

Use leftover pickle juice as a replacement for vinegar in soups and salad dressings, as cucumber and tomato pickle use this ingredient to ferment. Add baby carrots or shredded carrots into the pickle juice, and get a tangy snack to enjoy.

Another option is to look into your vegetables drawer and empty any leftovers into the jar of this pickle juice. Allow it to sit for 10-15 days, and you will have a whole new pickle to devour. Cut some very thin slices of red onion and throw them into the leftover pickle juice. By doing this, you will make pickled onions which you can perfectly use to liven up your turkey, hamburger, ham sandwich or chicken sandwich. Hard-boiled eggs can also be pickled by adding them to the leftover pickle juice.

Take off watermelon rinds and drop the pieces into pickle juice to make a nice pickle.

For your meats

Leftover pickle juice can be used on steak or pork chops as a marinade. Your meat will be perfectly flavored without adding any extra calories by way of marinades or heavy sauces. Mix some pepper, garlic and mustard mix to the pickle juice, make a thin paste and brush it on meat. Leave it overnight and use it to broil or BBQ wild meat.

A delicious marinade can be made with pickle juice for chicken. Soak chicken overnight in a plastic bag and cook on a grill. If it turns out to be too strong, you can add some milk to the marinade. Do not forget to throw the pickle juice after doing this. Add some spices and garlic to the pickle juice and baste ribs with it on the grill.

How to Use Leftover Pickle Juice - For your meats

Mix and match with potatoes

Boil some potatoes, and add the pickle juice to them to get a quick zing. The flavors will be perfect, and you will not even need to add any salt, sour cream or butter. Soak potatoes in it for 24 hours and make delicious French fries with them. Mix some mayonnaise in pickle juice and give a perfect twist to a potato salad.

How to Use Leftover Pickle Juice - Mix and match with potatoes

Enhance food flavors with it

Enhance the flavor of barbecue sauce by adding some pickle juice to it. Add it to your cheese and macaroni recipe, marinate white soft cheese in it, or mix it with beef broth to make them taste better.

Adding it to a vegetable juice can be a treat for juice lovers. Hummus can be made spicier, poached fish can be made tangier, and meatloaf mix can be made better by adding some pickle juice.

How to Use Leftover Pickle Juice - Enhance food flavors with it

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How to Use Leftover Pickle Juice