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What Does Cold Pressed Juice Mean

Misty Thomas
By Misty Thomas. Updated: June 5, 2018
What Does Cold Pressed Juice Mean
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When it comes to diets and detoxes, there is often too much information to be found online and elsewhere, so it can be difficult to discover the best methods and diets for you. Fruit juices can be a very helpful part of a healthy diet, but not all fruit juices are the same and it is important to know the effects that these drinks will have on your body.

When it comes to fruit drinks there are smoothies, juices from concentrate, freshly squeezed juices and cold-pressed juices to name a few options. But what does cold pressed juice mean? How is cold pressed juice different to normal fruit juice? Well, oneHOWTO can tell you what cold pressed juice means and the benefits of drinking juice that is cold-pressed. Read below to find out more.

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  1. How is Cold Pressed Juice made
  2. Cold Pressed is better
  3. Good for you and the environment too

How is Cold Pressed Juice made

Cold pressed juice is some of the best juice that you can ever drink, because it is normally made from the highest quality fruits and vegetables. More importantly, the process of cold-pressing the juice gets all of the nutrients from it. From the seeds to the pulp, this juice is made of each and every part of your favorite fruits and vegetables - a great method that allows for all of the vitamins to remain inside of the juice.

This juice is never heated or processed like store bought juices that lose large amounts of their nutritional value. To start with, making cold-pressed juices involves using a low RPM grinder. This grinder will grind up the fruits or vegetables that you want in the juice. They are ground up into a pulp so the fibers in the fruits and vegetables can be released into the juice. The pulp stays in the juice because that is where a lot of the nutrients are held. All of this is filtered through a special machine called a High Pressure Processing machine, pressed, and squeezed to make a delicious juice.

Cold Pressed is better

Cold pressed juices are very healthy for you when drank in moderation and should be part of your everyday diet. They are lower in calories because they are made from raw fruits and vegetables. There are no sugars or preservatives added to these juices. They are made of simply the most natural ingredients in the world.

Cold pressed juices are the only fresh juices that can be bottled up and stored for 30 days without any preservatives. They will still taste just as fresh as the day that they were made.

What Does Cold Pressed Juice Mean - Cold Pressed is better
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Good for you and the environment too

Cold pressed juices are not only the best that you can ever drink, but they are also the least wasteful way to enjoy juice. Because all every part of the fruit and vegetable are used when making these juices, there is very little waste. These juices will be a great addition to your diet and they will give you the vitamins and minerals that you need from your daily dosage of fruits and veggies.

For more fruit-based health drinks, juices and smoothies check out our wide range of juice recipes for different purposes.

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Stephanie Chambers
Very informative, I bought ribena and wanted to know how to use it to make natural juice, because I'm a juice person, I don't drink store bought juice, because they're too sweet and I don't drink sweet juice my juice taste more like water no sweetness. I have a ribena tree at home but usually I just eat the fruit, so that's the reason I wanted to know how to make the juice. Thank you the recipe for juicing was great and the juice was really delicious.
Clint Hendrickson
Much appreciated, juice me up. thanks
Image: pixabay
Image: pixabay
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What Does Cold Pressed Juice Mean