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How to make a ham omelette

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make a ham omelette

When you're looking for a light dinner that doesn't take much time to prepare, a delicious omelette is always popular recipe. Trying out a bit of variety and innovation in the kitchen is the sure-fire way to success, so check out the following article at where we suggest changing the traditional French omelette recipe by adding a little mild cooked or York ham. You'll find step-by-step instructions in the article so that you can learn how to make a ham omelette.

Less than 15 minutes low difficulty
Steps to follow:

The first step to making a ham omelette is get a fairly deep bowl and crack and beat the eggs in it. We recommend using 2 eggs per person, but you can increase the amount if you'd like a larger omelette. Add a pinch of salt to the eggs and start to beat them with a fork or an egg beater.

How to make a ham omelette - Step 1

Next, chop the slices of cooked or York ham into small pieces and then add them to the eggs, stirring a bit to mix them together. Now it's time to add a little chopped parsley, if you want to add a touch more flavour to the recipe.


Once you have the egg mixture ready to make your ham omelette, put a small amount of olive oil in a frying pan and let it heat up on the hob. Then pour in the mixture of beaten egg and ham and, when you see that the egg is starting to set, fold the omelette into the desired shape, starting around the edge and moving towards the centre with a spatula.


When the omelette has set sufficiently, you can flip it. It's that easy! In just minutes, your ham omelette will be ready to serve. You can eat it plain or serve it with grated cheese, a salad, mushrooms, etc.


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How to make a ham omelette