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How to Make KFC-Style Fried Chicken

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make KFC-Style Fried Chicken

Surely, at some point in your life you have gone to a KFC place and tried this world-beloved fried chicken with its crunchy breading and its tender, spicy insides. The recipe dates from 1983 and consists of about 11 spices which give the unmistakable taste - however, today the original recipe has undergone slight changes.

Of course, we cannot make the exact recipe, but we can try! Here at OneHowTo we've found an approach that is quite true to its original texture and flavor. Stay with us and we will teach you how to make KFC-style fried chicken.

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Steps to follow:

As we know, the batter is the key element of fried chicken and it is what will give our dish the right look. First of all, beat an egg and dip the chicken pieces in it before coating.

Here we give some general tips to make a good batter mixture for KFC-style fried chicken that you should take into account before starting:

  • Use a bowl or deep dish to place the flour.
  • Sift flour to prevent lumps from forming.
  • Cover your hands when handling chicken or use any utensil, but do not pinch the meat.
  • Toss the piece of chicken to remove excess flour.
  • Toss the chicken in the hot oil and fry slowly so that the temperature does not drop.

By following the steps outlined above, you will achieve the perfect KFC-style batter.

How to Make KFC-Style Fried Chicken - Step 1

First of all, place the 200g (1 cup) flour in a bowl or deep dish - you don't want to leave the kitchen all messy - and add all the spices listed in the marinade section. Mix with a fork and add water until you have a homogeneous mass. Be careful that no lumps appear.

Add the chicken pieces to the marinade mixture and cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Let it marinate for an hour so that the flavor gets in.


Once the chicken is marinated, dip it in the beaten egg so that, once added to the batter mixture, it sticks well.

Prepare the batter mixture in another bowl, using the remaining 200g (1 cup) flour and the batter spices. Dip the chicken in this mixture and place on a tray; this way, it'll acquire that peculiar and irregular surface that characterizes KFC-style chicken.

How to Make KFC-Style Fried Chicken - Step 3

Heat a deep pan, using approximately ½ liter of oil for frying. Note that cooking chicken in a fryer gives it a more accurate result.

When the oil is hot, throw in the pieces of chicken. Let the batter set, then lower the heat slightly so that the chicken is cooked well without getting too dry inside. Cook for around 8 minutes, turning up the heat again to give the final crunch.

Serve your KFC-style fried chicken with fries, baked or grilled corn or coleslaw - and don't forget chilled drinks!

How to Make KFC-Style Fried Chicken - Step 4

This is how to make KFC-style fried chicken: If you have any tips or ideas for side dishes, tell us in the comments section!

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How to Make KFC-Style Fried Chicken