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How To Make Indian Chicken Curry For Toddlers

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 27, 2017
How To Make Indian Chicken Curry For Toddlers

Chicken curry is a favorite childhood dish in most Indian non-vegetarian families. Many Indian kids have a family ritual of cooking chicken curry every weekend with their mom or dad. Years later, when they still remember the conversations and laughter that took place while cooking together, they realize the power of organizing mealtime rituals. So, it is natural for most Indian men and women to make what they ate as a kid for their kids. Indian chicken curry is mildly spiced, and proves to be a perfect dish with flavors for toddlers, especially if they are used to adult food. In addition to the Indian masala chai tea, Indian chicken curry is worth making too. Here at OneHowTo.com, we will tell you how to make Indian chicken curry for toddlers.

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4 diners Between 30 & 45 minutes medium difficulty


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Steps to follow:


Blend onions, ginger and garlic to make a paste


Heat oil in a pan on medium heat


Add pureed garlic, ginger and onion paste, and keep frying until the paste turns red


Add turmeric powder, coriander powder and salt


Add chicken to the mix and fry for 7-10 minutes


Add tomatoes to the mixture and keep frying for another 5-7 minutes


Add water to achieve the right curry consistency, and boil until the chicken is completely cooked. You can use pressure cooker to make the chicken after adding water. Close the lid of the cooker, and let it whistle 3 times


Add garam masala


Garnish with chopped cilantro leaves and serve hot with boiled rice, bread naan or Indian roti


The tip is to sauté the onions for as long as you can. The more sauté is done, the better the curry will taste.

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How To Make Indian Chicken Curry For Toddlers