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How to Make Kidiyo

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Kidiyo

Kidiyo are small sweet bits shaped or molded into little curls that look much like sea shells. Also known as kulkuls or kalkals, they look like small worms, and they form an integral part of the Goan Kuswar. Kuswar is a traditional tray of sweets that Catholic people in Goa make during Christmas festivities. Kidiyo can be crunchy or soft, dusted or frosted, with or with no glaze, sleekly rolled or thickly rolled etc. Making kidiyo is easy, but it is quite time consuming, as you have to roll each kidiyo with your hands. It is better to involve your friends, family and neighbors in the process. Read this OneHowTo.com article to know how to make kidiyo.

4 diners More than 2 hours medium difficulty


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Steps to follow:


First of all, you need to make fresh coconut milk. Take 1 ½ cups of freshly grated coconut, grind it to make a fine paste, and add ½ cup warm water to it. Pass it through a muslin cloth or fine sieve and squeeze. Once you have extracted all the coconut milk, you can discard the coconut solids or keep aside for any other use.


Take a big sized bowl and combine sugar, salt, oil and flour to it. Then add egg and semolina and mix until it receives a bread crumbs like consistency. Start adding the dough and keep adding coconut milk little at a time till it becomes an elastic, smooth and pliable dough. Make sure that the dough is not sticky. Knead the dough properly using your fingers and palms till you achieve the right consistency. Keep aside for 60 minutes.

How to Make Kidiyo - Step 2

There are special molds made of wood, rubber or plastic that you can use to make kidiyo. But you can also use a fork or new comb to mold your kulkuls. Pinch off a little bit of dough from the bowl and roll it into a small ball that is just a little bigger than a pea. While working with one ball, keep rest of the dough covered so that it does not dry out. Place the small dough ball on the back side of a fork and press down lightly to flatten it in a rectangular shape. Once you have covered the entire back side of the fork with the dough, roll one end of it to another using your fingers. You will see that indentations are formed due to the ridges of the fork. Roll completely and seal the edges properly without disturbing the indentations. Place these rolls on a lightly floured tray as you make them. Make rolls with all the dough you have kneaded.


Heat oil in a wok and drop a few curls into it. Once they come up, use a big spoon to turn them frequently. Once they are done, drain the oil from them and transfer to an absorbent tissue or paper towel.


Take sugar powder in a small bowl and pour the kidiyo in it to dust them with some sweetener. You can also glaze them with sugar to give them a different look and taste. To do that, let them cool completely. Heat some water and sugar in a bowl, let the sugar dissolve completely, bring to a boil and get one thread consistency. Drop the kidiyo into this syrup, mix well and ensure that all the curls are coated evenly. It is important to separate each kidiyo immediately so that they do not keep stuck with each other.

How to Make Kidiyo - Step 5
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How to Make Kidiyo