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How to make a Soursop Cake

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make a Soursop Cake
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Soursop, or prickly custard apple, is one of the most popular tropical fruits, and is ideal in juices as well as in desserts. Its naturally sweet flavor is delicious, so soursop cake is ideal for a special occasion. It's a very elaborate dessert but it's worthwhile because the end result is exquisite. So, OneHowTo.com explains in detail how to make a soursop cake which will delight everyone.

Between 45 & 60 minutes low difficulty


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Steps to follow:


To make a soursop cake, you need to follow the instructions in detail. In particular, don't open the oven during baking to prevent the cake from deflating.

Begin by preheating the oven to 180°C (356°F), then take 9 eggs and separate the yolks from the whites.


In a bowl, whisk the egg whites until they form peaks. Then add 3/4 cup of sugar, stir and set aside. In another bowl, mix the 9 egg yolks with the remaining sugar until smooth and creamy.


Add the beaten egg whites to the bowl containing the yolks until the mixture forms soft peaks. You must do it gently and stir it in by using folding movements until it forms an even mixture. Mix half a cup of flour with a pinch of salt and add it to the bowl with the whites and yolks, whilst making folding movements again. Add the teaspoon of vanilla essence.


Pour the soursop cake mixture into a buttered and floured mold and bake for 40 minutes. Remember that it is important to not open the oven during cooking.

Once ready, remove it from the oven and leave it to cool for 15 minutes before taking it out of the tin.


It's time to prepare the filling for your soursop cake. Mix the prickly custard apple pulp, 3 egg yolks, sugar and lemon juice in a blender or with the help of a hand whisk. Then place the mixture over a medium heat until it boils and thickens slightly. Leave it to cool before using.


With 3 egg whites and the sugar, prepare the meringue that will cover your soursop cake. Once all the ingredients are ready and properly cooled, you can proceed with assembling the cake.


Mix together the rum, water and 2 tablespoons of sugar and set aside. Then cut the cake in half or in three layers. Moisten the sponge with the rum mixture, and then fill it generously. Place the second layer on and repeat the procedure or, if you only decide to make two layers, place the top of the cake on. Moisten it again with rum and cover it with meringue. Leave it to cool for a few hours and serve.

Enjoy this soursop cake which is delicious and has a homemade and tropical flavor.

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Image: pasteleriacapitas.com
How to make a Soursop Cake