How Long do you Cook Beer to Remove Alcohol

By Misty Thomas. Updated: March 31, 2019
How Long do you Cook Beer to Remove Alcohol

There are a lot of questions about cooking with beer. Many people are curious about how long it takes to cook the beer in order for the alcohol to come out? Others say that you can never cook alcohol out of the beer. oneHOWTO has some great answers to these questions and opinions.

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Cooking with Alcohol

Many people love to cook with beers and wines to add some extra flavor to the recipe. Some chefs however; do not like the taste of alcohol so they want to take out some of the alcoholic content. Scientists have shown that no matter how much you cook or boil the beer or wine, there will still be just a touch of alcoholic content left. There are however quite a few different techniques that you can use in order to get the most alcohol possible out of the beer through cooking.

How Long do you Cook Beer to Remove Alcohol - Cooking with Alcohol

Techniques to use for Removing Alcohol for Cooking

Chefs use many different techniques to get the alcohol content out of beer and wine when they are using it to cook. Boiling beers and wines will get about 85% of the alcohol out of them, while flaming the beer and wine will get about 75% out. If you store alcohol overnight and use no heat at all, you can get rid of about 70% of the alcohol simply by pouring it into another container and putting it in the fridge.

If you bake with beer or wine for about 25 minutes, that will get rid of 45% of the alcohol, and if you continue to bake for over 2 hours, you will be left with only about 5% of the alcohol.


Tips for Cooking With Alcohol

Remember that when you do cook with beer and wine, it does add that little extra flavor, but keep in mind that some people are sensitive to alcohol so before you throw a dinner party, consult with everyone who has been invited. You do not want to serve recovering alcoholics wine and beer inside of your recipes.

It is very easy to cook with beer and wine, and once you find the perfect ways to prepare food using these products, you will be very pleased with the extra flavours that this added ingredient can provide. Just don't expect to be able to remove the alcohol content of the beer or wine entirely, but with the techniques above you can certainly get rid of most of it!

How Long do you Cook Beer to Remove Alcohol - Tips for Cooking With Alcohol

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How Long do you Cook Beer to Remove Alcohol
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How Long do you Cook Beer to Remove Alcohol

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