How to choose artichokes

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to choose artichokes

Choosing vegetables can sometimes be tricky if you do not a great idea about what are the signs that a plant is fresh. For artichokes there are some factors that you should pay attention to find the best in the market. On OneHowTo we explain some advice for choosing artichokes so that the purchase will not leave any doubt.

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Steps to follow:

One sign of whether an artichoke is fresh will be the state of its leaves and stem, so look for firm artichokes. Therefore, feel them and choose the ones that do not have separate or limp leaves.


Also, the appearance of the artichokes will also influence your choice, so choose bright green vegetables without black or brownish spots. If the artichokes have stains, it is a sign that they are not fresh.


In terms of size, it is recommended to opt for small and medium artichokes, as the larger can be somewhat tough and spoil your recipe. Still, you should make sure that artichokes have an decent weight, and are not too small, as the small ones won't have much flesh.


To check the freshness of artichokes we can use another trick: fold back one of the outer leaves. If easily broken, it is a sign that it is fresh; whereas if it bends and return to it is not a fresh artichoke. The leaves should be firm and not fanning away from the center of the vegetable.

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One last trick to choosing an artichoke is checking its weight distribution. The good stuff is in the heart of the vegetable, so the center part ideally will be heavy.

Now that you know how to choose an artichoke, find out how to clean and peel it to prepare it for cooking, and finally how to cook artichokes!

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How to choose artichokes
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How to choose artichokes

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