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How to cut goat cheese for a salad

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to cut goat cheese for a salad
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Goat cheese has become a kitchen star in all sorts of dishes, especially salads. Goat cheese has an intense, creamy taste that blends perfectly with a crispy salad. However, when we want to cut it we are often faced with the same problem: it crumbles very easily. If there a way to prevent this? In OneHowTo we explain how to cut goat cheese without it crumbling by use of several techniques.

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Steps to follow:


Goat cheese is perfect for dishes such as salads, snack foods and also as a side to hot dishes such as meat or vegetables.

On many occasions we can serve a whole cheese wheel, but when we go to cut it we must be aware of some techniques to ensure it does snot crack and split in half.


An easy and effective option is to cut the goat cheese with a sharp and damp knife. At each cut you will have to wet the knife to ensure it is always humid; in this way you will stop it sticking to the cheese and avoid it crumbling into chunks as you cut.

With this technique, your slices of cheese will be perfect.

How to cut goat cheese for a salad - Step 2
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Another much more refined but equally effective way of cutting goat cheese to perfection is to use a thread. This is a good alternative for those who do not have very sharp knives at home.

Cut a piece of string or unflavoured dental floss long enough to cover the edges of the wheel and leave a length at either end. Clean the string, wrap the cheese with the thread marking the portion you want to cut and then cross the extreme end of the string.

Then simply pull the string at both ends so the thread slides through the cheese cutting it perfectly and efficiently.

How to cut goat cheese for a salad - Step 3
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The cheese board with thread is the perfect and professional tool to cut goat cheese with the desired thickness. This product is a great investment if you are a cheese fanatic and you use it often for cooking or served individually.

How to cut goat cheese for a salad - Step 4
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These three alternatives will enable you to cut your goat cheese perfectly and with the desired thickness without it crumbling. Very simple!

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Image: recetados.blogspot.com
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How to cut goat cheese for a salad