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When to Add Paneer to Curry

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
When to Add Paneer to Curry

Paneer is one of the most favored ingredients vegetarians use in a wide variety of dishes. In India, at least one paneer dish is definitely made whenever a guest is coming or there is some special occasion. But people are usually concerned about why their paneer does not remain soft when they add it to a curry based dish. Here in this OneHowTo.com article, we are going to tell you when to add paneer to curry to keep it soft, supple and tasty.

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  1. When to add exactly
  2. Making the paneer
  3. Other tips to make best paneer curry

When to add exactly

According to cooking experts, paneer should be added only during the last stages of the recipe. Once most of the recipe is completed, add paneer chunks or cubes to it, and mix it very gently with the curry. You need to cook it for another 2 minutes, and then turn off the gas. If you cook it for a longer time than this, it will become hard and rubbery, and spoil the delicacy associated with paneer.

Making the paneer

Store-bought paneer is usually harder than home made paneer. If you are making it at home, the milk you are using to make it largely affects the quality of paneer as well. It is always recommended to use good quality milk only, preferably full cream one. Paneer made with cow’s milk is undoubtedly the best. While you curdle milk for making paneer, add 1 tsp of curd into it to make the paneer softer than usual. If a lot of cream is floating on the milk, don’t remove it, as its natural cream will contribute towards the paneer’s softness. But if you over-curdle the milk, the paneer will become hard after setting. While curdling, remove pan from heat as soon as you see it completely separately. Avoid over-cooking.

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Other tips to make best paneer curry

  • It is suggested to deep fry paneer cubes in oil before adding them to the curry. Make sure that the oil you are frying them in is moderately hot, and not boiling. Fry the paneer until brown on both sides, and then take them off. Do not over-fry them, or else they will become hard.
  • If you don’t want to fry them, cut the paneer cubes and immerse them in boiling water. With this, you will keep your paneer soft without adding on the calories.
  • Always avoid freezing your paneer. Keep it in an air-tight box and place it in the refrigerator. Also make sure that you use it before it gets bad. Being made of milk, it has a very short shelf life, and can get bad within a week, even if refrigerated.
  • Some people make paneer in the microwave oven, probably because it is much more convenient and faster than making it on a stove top. But believe me, paneer made on a gas top is much softer and tastier than that made in a microwave oven. So, always try to make it on gas, unless you are in a real hurry.
When to Add Paneer to Curry - Other tips to make best paneer curry

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When to Add Paneer to Curry