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What To Eat After Christmas Dinner

Alice T Breeze
By Alice T Breeze. Updated: February 25, 2021
What To Eat After Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is over, all the preparations, stress and time invested in all the cooking is finally over. Once all the cleaning up has been done and all the bellies are absolutely bloating and full, you can hardly believe it's already time to eat again. So, whether it's a question of controlling your diet, having indigestion, or simply laziness, OneHowTo has the perfect options for you so you know exactly what to eat after Christmas dinner.

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  1. Leftovers
  2. Eat light
  3. Easy buffet
  4. Quick soups


It's one of the most common situations: you cook loads of food for so many people there are bound to be some leftovers after Christmas dinner. There are plenty of quick and easy dishes you can easily cook. For example, you could make some Turkey samosas or meatloaf with the leftover pieces, use the cranberry sauce to make a sprout pilaf, bubble and squeak or make a carefree pizza with all the roasted veggies.

What To Eat After Christmas Dinner - Leftovers

Eat light

If you're feeling very full up and bloated after all of the Christmas heavy food, you should choose some light recipes that are easy on your stomach and on your waistline. If you need a Christmas detox, then choose Quinoa, oatmeal pancakes or vegetable omelet.

If you are having indigestion, we advise you to follow a bland diet based on boiled rice, broth and puree, if you need more information, we suggest you read our article on what to eat if you have indigestion.

What To Eat After Christmas Dinner - Eat light

Easy buffet

If you still have relatives or friends staying at home after Christmas dinner, one of the easiest options is to gather up some easy dips, tapas and snacks so you don't have to cook a full meal for so many people. If you differ on what to eat after Christmas dinner with your family members, this is a great option as everyone can have their own pick. We advise you to gather the following:

  • Cheese board.
  • Dips such as guacamole, tzatziki and hummus.
  • Crisps, bread sticks and celery sticks.
  • Pickles such as olives, gherkins or pickled onions.
  • Croquettes, cheese sticks and sausages.
  • Coleslaw
What To Eat After Christmas Dinner - Easy buffet

Quick soups

Are you fed up of all of the Christmas cooking and cleaning and want to just avoid the kitchen all together? This is the perfect time to just make a quick, light and easy soup for the whole family. This will fill you up, keep you in shape and you'll also be able to use some of the leftover ingredients to make them. We suggest these recipes you can take a look at:

What To Eat After Christmas Dinner - Quick soups

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What To Eat After Christmas Dinner