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How To Replace Bread In Your Diet

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Replace Bread In Your Diet

Whenever we want to start a diet to lose weight or simply to keep fit we have to ask the same question: what to do about bread? Bread is a food that is usually taken out of hypocaloric diets and it can be hard to know how to replace it. Eating bread at meal times helps us feel more satiated and satisfied. People who regularly eat bread and have to stop for the sake of their diet will suffer more from hunger.

In OneHowTo we explain how to replace bread in your diet so you can achieve your goal of losing weight without even a hint of hunger.

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  1. Best bread substitutes
  2. How to replace bread at meal times
  3. Is bread fattening?

Best bread substitutes

One of the key reasons we eat is bread is to helps us feel fuller and to complement our meals. However, if you are thinking about going on a breadless diet you should know that there are some foods that can help replace bread in your diet easily.

  • Oats: these are one of the most complete cereal for our body as they help our intestinal transit and give a great feeling of satiety. In OneHowTo you can discover what the benefits of oats are.
  • Corn or rice pancakes: these supplements can serve as bread substitutes and help us feel fuller and avoid excessive calorie intake. You can enjoy this snack at breakfast using it as a sandwich base or eat it between meals.
  • Rye bread: this type of bread can be a perfect substitute for white flour bread as rye is not only prepared with whole grains, it also gives us a lot of energy, fiber, vitamin B and other nutrients that are not found in white bread.
  • Oat smoothies are another way to stop eating bread . You can make smoothies with oatmeal and combine this with seasonal fruits or dried fruits. This type of drink will make you feel full and and offer your body healthy nutrients without an excess of calories.
How To Replace Bread In Your Diet - Best bread substitutes

How to replace bread at meal times

It may be difficult for you to imagine your breakfast without toast or your everyday sandwich without bread, but if you want to cut out eating bread it will be essential that you incorporate the foods we have already mentioned to your meals you so enjoy a diet without bread.

  • Breakfast: At breakfast time, instead of eating bread you can choose to eat other grains like oats, these will increase your full feeling and leave you satisfied. You can also choose to eat a slice of rye bread toast with a slice of turkey, for example.
  • Lunch: During lunch time meal you can drop eating bread in favor of a rice cake that will bring you that sought after full feeling without consuming many calories.
  • Afternoon snack: When you get hungry in the afternoon it is best to prepare an oat shake with fruit or nuts, such an oatmeal banana milkshake.
  • Dinner: If you want to lose weight you should not eat carbohydrates at dinner time, so we recommend you replace bread for other foods that will make you feel full but without adding too many calories, as is the case of fresh vegetables (spinach, beets, grilled vegetables, etc.).

If the objective of replacing bread in the diet is to lose weight avoid eating carbohydrates at dinner time. In this OneHowTo article we detail what the best food for dinner are.

How To Replace Bread In Your Diet - How to replace bread at meal times

Is bread fattening?

If your idea of stopping eating bread is because you think that bread is fattening then you should know that this is not true. Bread alone is not fattening, what we put on the bread tends to be the fattening element; for example if we spread butter on it or make a sandwich with fatty meats like salami and so on.

The caloric value of bread is less than you might think: 100 grams of bread has 220 kcal, a proportion that is not very high. Note that 100 grams of bread is about two buns, so if you enjoy a balanced diet you will have no reason to replace bread, simply regulate its intake and try not to eat it at night.

How To Replace Bread In Your Diet - Is bread fattening?

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How To Replace Bread In Your Diet