How to Make an Easy Sponge Cake

By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make an Easy Sponge Cake

If we're baking beginners, it can be a bit complicated to get a really spongy sponge cake. But the truth is, with practise and a few tricks, you'll be able to make an incredible sponge cake that both children and grown-ups will love. That's why would like to explain our recipe to make an easy sponge cake you'll devour.

Between 30 & 45 minutes low difficulty
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Steps to follow:

The first step to prepare your sponge cake is to energetically beat the sugar and butter; you can do so with a hand or electrical whip, as you prefer. To mix the dough perfectly well, we recommend you whip the mix until the butter is white.


Add the egg yolks to the cake mix one by one and keep beating to get a uniform mix.


On the other hand, you should beat the egg whites apart until stiff with a pinch of salt to get the right texture and make the cake spongy.


Add the stiffened egg whites to the rest of the ingredients and mix in softly; you can also add lemon or orange zest, the one that you prefer.


Thefollowing step to make your own sponge cake is to strain the flour to avoid big blotches and add the backing powder.

Straight away, add it slowly, combining it with the milk, and mixing everything together.


Make sure there aren't any lumps in the cake dough and cover he mold with butter. Pour the mix of ingredients in the mold, ready to be baked.


Pre-heat the oven at 180ºC (356ºF), put the tray in the oven and leave it inside for 40 minutes. To know if your sponge cake is ready, spike it with a toothpick, knife, or sharp object, and make sure it comes out clean; if it's not the case, leave it in the oven for some minutes longer.

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How to Make an Easy Sponge Cake
How to Make an Easy Sponge Cake

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