How to Make Andean Arepas

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Andean Arepas

Andean arepas are made with wheat flour. The classical Venezuelan arepas are made with cornmeal. Much like a bread, a sweet and delicious touch, it is an alternative that is consumed in the Venezuelan Andes. The inhabitants of the rest of the country also enjoy this delicious dish. Although its creation is a bit more laborious, it?s ideal for a special breakfast or dinner with family or friends. It's a versatile dish that can be filled with savory ingredients or it can be accompanied by jam. On OneHowTo, we explain in detail how to make Andean arepas.

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Steps to follow:

Andean arepas have a delicious sweet touch, but unlike Venezuelan arepas made of corn, its production is more demanding and it takes a little longer.

You need to start by mixing in a bowl 3 cups of flour, salt, sugar and baking powder until everything is perfectly blended.


Heat two tablespoons of butter and when melted, add them to the wondrous mixture slowly, by stirring. Then you must add the previously scrambled egg and half a cup of warm milk.


Stir the delightful dough and add the remains of the milk. You should knead the mass for about 10 minutes to obtain the desired consistency. For Andean arepas, you must be able to dip your fingers in the mass. Once done return to its original position.

Having reached this point, cover the dough and let it rest for 15 minutes.


After this time, take the dough and carry it as if your intention was to make the bread. Cut the dough into slices about two fingers to the shape of the arepas, in a much simpler way.

How to Make Andean Arepas - Step 4

Take the dough slices you cut and give them the form of corn bread, shaping them to the desired size. If it becomes difficult, you can use a rolling pin for a more perfect flat shape. Andean arepas must be thin, with a thickness of about half a centimeter (one quarter of an inch).

It is recommended that you prick the mass a little with a fork to prevent it from bulging.

How to Make Andean Arepas - Step 5

Place over medium low heat in a non-stick pan that has been greased with a little oil. Go about placing the arepas down and turning them over every 5 minutes so that they're golden brown and cooked slowly.

Do not make arepas at very high heat or they'll burn on the outside and remain raw inside. Once they are golden brown on the outside they will be ready to eat.

How to Make Andean Arepas - Step 6

You can fill them with salty cheese, meat, chicken or just rub them with a little butter or jam - delicious!

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How to Make Andean Arepas
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How to Make Andean Arepas

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