How to make fig bread

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make fig bread

This is a typical Christmas recipe that's traditionally made in the Andalusian city of Málaga. Fig bread is a sweet recipe that uses both figs and nuts, (walnuts and almonds) and is perfect to eat for dessert or as a Christmas treat. At we'll teach you how to make fig bread in your own kitchen with a few simple instructions. A truly mouth-watering recipe!

More than 2 hours low difficulty
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Steps to follow:

The first step in how to make fig bread is to peel the toasted almonds and chop them into small pieces. Next, do the same with the walnuts and then with the sweet figs, peeling and chopping them into small pieces.


Now, mix the cinnamon, the shot of rum and a little bit of water in a bowl large enough to hold the chopped figs as well. After adding them, let it sit for 2 hours.


After 2 hours have passed, grease the mould with a little olive oil and a bit of flour. In the bowl with the figs, now add the chopped almonds and walnuts, the anise and the flour, mixing all of the ingredients well to produce a fully incorporated batter.


To make fig bread, pour the batter into an ovenproof mould, bearing in mind that you should keep the batter as compact as possible.


The last step is to put the mould with the fig bread in a preheated oven at 150º C (300º F), either on the top or bottom rack and let the bread bake for about 30 minutes. However, it's advisable that you check it frequently to avoid burning it.


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How to make fig bread
How to make fig bread

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