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How to make cod balls

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make cod balls

Are you tired of preparing traditional meat balls with minced meat and do not know how you can innovate in this recipe? Well, in this OneHowTo article we propose a simple and tasty alternative that's surely going to keep you happy: codfish balls. It is also an excellent opportunity to introduce this fish which is rich in omega 3 and beneficial to the health of the organism in your diet. Pay attention to this step by step recipe and discover how to make codfish balls without undue complication.

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Steps to follow:


The first step in making this recipe for codfish balls is to desalt codfish if you have not bought ordinary cod. To do this, let the pieces of cod soaked between 24 and 48 hours changing the water in which you have submerged it at least every 8 hours. It is best to keep the cod in the refrigerator at a temperature of between 6 and 8 and ensure that the water stays cold while you are desalinating the cod. Once ready, remove from refrigerator and place the different pieces on a paper towel to remove excess water and allow to dry before cooking.

This is the traditional way of desalting cod, but you can also use other equally effective as the one used in some cold milk.

How to make cod balls - Step 1

Next, place a pan on the heat, add to it washed and peeled potatoes and cod, and cover all the ingredients with water so that they cook. After about 15 minutes, remove the cod and let the potatoes continue simmering for 5 or 10 minutes. You can see that they are ready, if when pierced with a knife you they are soft. If so, remove them from the heat and mash them well with a fork.


When the cod is cold, remove the skin and all bones with great care not to leave any. Then you must tear the cod into very small pieces, it's best done with bare hands. This way, you'll also see that it is completely free of bones.


Place the mashed potatoes and flaked cod in a bowl or container , and mix both ingredients until completely blended. Beat the egg yolks (keep the whites for later) with a fork or a whisk and add the beaten egg to the bowl. Stir until you get smooth dough that is neither too hard nor too soft. Then add the chopped garlic, chopped parsley and pepper, and finish kneading with your hands.

How to make cod balls - Step 4

Now the mixture is ready to make your codfish balls. Just pick a bit of the mixture out with slightly moistened hands and roll into balls. Repeat this step until there's no mixture left and you just have to fry them.


Place a skillet with a little olive oil on the heat and wait for it to heat up. Meanwhile, coat the balls in the egg whites that you saved earlier and some breadcrumbs. Then fry the codfish balls until well browned on all sides and serve!

We hope that you like this recipe, and if you want to discover other special forms of balls do not hesitate to consult any of the following items:

How to make cod balls - Step 6

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  • If you want a bit more flavour, you can add some cilantro to the egg with the parsley and other ingredients, it will taste delicious!
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How to make cod balls