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How to Make Portuguese-Style Hake

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Portuguese-Style Hake

Hake is a very nutritious and delicious white fish which tends to be popular with even the little ones at home. It can be cooked in different ways and developed in varied recipes, from classical breaded hake to hake accompanied with a parsley sauce, for example. In this OneHowTo article we present a novel way of cooking it but the end result is amazing! The recipe that we propose in this article is based on a dish typical from Portugal. This country is next to the Atlantic so fish is a very common ingredient in many Portuguese foods. Carry on reading and discover how to make Portuguese-Style Hake step by step.

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Steps to follow:


The first thing you need to do for this Portuguese-style hake recipe is to peel and chop the onion into small pieces, and cut the red pepper into thin strips.

How to Make Portuguese-Style Hake - Step 1

After this, slice the garlic and chop the parsley. Then stretch out the hake fillets on the worktop and place some garlic, parsley and salt inside. Roll up all the fillets and secure them with toothpicks as shown in the image.

How to Make Portuguese-Style Hake - Step 2

With the fillets ready, brown the onion with red pepper in a wok or pan with a little oil. When the vegetables start to release water, add a little salt to them and then finish by adding the fillets.

How to Make Portuguese-Style Hake - Step 3

After, add the tomato sauce and a little water, then stir well so that all the ingredients are blended. It doesn't matter if there is a lot of water, as this will evaporate.

How to Make Portuguese-Style Hake - Step 4

Chop the potatoes into 2cm x 2cm strips and add them when you see the hake is starting to dry out (a sign that it is cooking). Carry on cooking it over a low heat and add the potato. Remember that the potato will absorb the water, so if you see that the sauce is getting a little dry, add a little more water. When the potato starts to soften, add the peas.

How to Make Portuguese-Style Hake - Step 5

There you have it! Take the pan off the heat when you have checked that the potatoes are soft. When it's finished, serve it on plates and then you are ready to enjoy this delicious dish of Portuguese-Style hake.

How to Make Portuguese-Style Hake - Step 6

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How to Make Portuguese-Style Hake