How to Make Cured Salmon

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Cured Salmon

To cure is to season food to conserve it raw, this way the product will soften and absorb the different flavors and aromas of the seasoning. This process is very simple and fast to carry out. And the best part is that it only requires a few ingredients. You can cure with vinegar, wine, spices, herbs... In we explain how to make cured salmon. Use this easy technique to delight your family's taste buds. With cured salmon, you can prepare a rich carpaccio or salmon and avocado toasts, among other delicious recipes. Lets get to it!

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Steps to follow:

Here we will explain how to cure a salmon with basic products that we are sure you have at home, such as sugar or salt, and we will add fresh dill which is available in any grocery store. With regard to the salmon, remember that it must be clean and without bones but with its skin.


You can use whatever part of the salmon you prefer. However, if you cut and prepare the salmon yourself we recommend that you use the tail as it is a part from which it is easiest to get thin fillets. In addition, we suggest you do fillet couples as we will need pairs to prepare this dish.


Once you have removed the salmon fillets mix in a small container or bowl the salt and sugar in equal parts. Then place the mixture on the salmon, which should be face up (i.e. with the skin on the table surface). Do it only on one of the salmon fillets, leave the other alone.


Covers the whole back of the salmon with the mixture of salt and sugar and then sprinkle the fresh dill on top If you wish you can add some peppercorns.


Once you have one of the fillets covered with all the ingredients, add a pinch of salt to the other fillet and then proceed to attach the two fillets together as if a sandwich, with attention to not drop the ingredients on the first fillet.


Once the you have put them together, wrap the salmon with cling film. How to do so? You must leave the extremes open so the liquid can escape and you must try to squeeze the salmon when wrapping it.


Place the salmon wrapped in the film in a square tray and apply some weight with, for example, a milk tetra pack. Now put the container in the fridge and leave to rest for approximately 24 hours. If your salmon fillet is quite thick you can leave it for two days (turning it over). But be careful as the salmon could end up drying.


The next day take out the salmon from the fridge and remove the salt, sugar and dill. You can make use of a little water to leave it completely clean. Then dry it completely using kitchen paper.


With the salmon clean you can wrap it in cling film and keep it in the fridge for up to a few days until being eaten. Where you think you may take longer in eating it keep the salmon in the freezer or conserved in oil.


Voilà! Cut the cured salmon in thin slices, place on some toast and enjoy all its flavour. You will love it! Remember that you can marinade the salmon with multiple ingredients, use those you like best.

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How to Make Cured Salmon
How to Make Cured Salmon

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