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How To Roast Jackfruit Seeds

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: March 23, 2022
How To Roast Jackfruit Seeds

Like any other fruit, jackfruit has multiple health benefits. It is also packed with sugar, along with numerous nutritional features like vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C, magnesium and protein. Heavier and bigger than melons, jackfruits belong to the mulberry tree family, and are the biggest fruits on the earth borne on trees. A jackfruit can be as much as 80 pounds in weight, containing lots of flesh and seeds. After having cooked the jackfruit, the next obvious thing you want to do is to roast its seeds. Here at, we will learn how to roast jackfruit seeds and enjoy them.

4 diners Between 15 & 30 minutes low difficulty
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Steps to follow:

Jackfruit has a sticky white latex sap, which is much like a rubber cement. So, before you start handling jackfruit, oil your hands, arms, knife, cutting board and your kitchen shelf so that it does not stick to everything it touches


Use a big chef’s knife to cut the jackfruit into half


If it is a ripe jackfruit with orange interior, then use a paring knife to cut the stem out. Then cut it around the outside of its inner central white stem, and then into crossed sections. Then, cut under the white center area to bring out each segment individually.


Then cut the green outer husk away from the jackfruit, and remove its inner white part


Turn the jackfruit inside out, and grab a bowl to separate seeds from the fruit. When you grab a segment and pull, it will pop out on its own


Tear or cut each segment to reach the seed


Remove all seeds from the fruit


Remove the slim membrane that covers each seed


Each seed is covered by a hard, thin shell. When you bake the seeds, this shell will automatically crack open. Then you can peel the baked seeds before you eat them.


To roast jackfruit seeds, keep them in the oven on 400°F for 20 minutes.


Roasted jackfruit seeds serve as great snacks. If you cook them longer, they get a potato-like, dry texture and taste like chestnuts. But if you roast them less, they will be more moist and creamy, so they are also perfect to make jackfruit soup. Therefore, how much you roast depends on the type of texture you want from your jackfruit seeds. You can also learn how to make jackfruit seed flour too!

For another delicious and crispy snack, why not try making pumpkin crisps? The perfect healthy snack, it is a great way to feed veggies to the kids!

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How To Roast Jackfruit Seeds