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How to Sauté Vegetables: Quick and Healthy Recipe

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Sauté Vegetables: Quick and Healthy Recipe

Today we present a healthy dish that is both nutritious and full of flavor - delicious sautéed vegetables! This is a perfect recipe both as a rich side to meat or fish and to stir together with rice, pasta or stir-fry noodles. Thanks to its high nutritional intake, though, you can also make it as a colorful low-calorie single dish dinner. Who said healthy is boring?

Sautéed veggies are a perfect choice for people who are vegan or vegetarian or those who have special dietary needs; it's also great for those people who want to enjoy a healthy, low-cal diet. In this OneHowTo recipe we are going to show you how to sauté vegetables with step by step instructions so that you can enjoy them at home as quickly as you want.

Less than 15 minutes low difficulty


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Steps to follow:


In order to start making sautéed vegetables, wash all the ingredients that you will cook to remove any remaining dirt or chemicals they may contain. We've proposed a varied list of veggies that are delicious when sautéed, but if you don't like some of them they can be substituted by any other of your choice.

Once the vegetables are clean you can proceed to chop them; in the case of peppers, zucchini, eggplant and onions, the best cutting technique is the julienne. When the veggies are cut into thin strips, their flavors are better blended. Reserve.


Proceed to work the asparagus by first cutting the bottom off, because it is harder. Leave only softer, more flexible stem.

As for the artichoke, remove the harder layers and leave only the softer bits in the middle. Then, cut it into four quarters so that they can be well integrated with the flavor of the other ingredients. Reserve.

To finish preparing the vegetables, wash the mushrooms. If they are whole, laminate them so that their flavor mixes well with the remaining ingredients.

How to Sauté Vegetables: Quick and Healthy Recipe - Step 2

Once all the vegetables are clean and chopped, it is time to pour a little oil in the pan and heat it. When it's hot, we can start to sauté the vegetables, but beware: The cooking time for mushrooms and asparagus is different, so it's very important to stick to the following order:

  • Start with the asparagus, which are slower to cook.
  • After 5 minutes, introduce the artichokes and peppers. Sauté and stir well for the flavors to blend.
  • After 2 minutes, add the zucchini and eggplant. Stir again.
  • When we see that the vegetables are about to be cooked, add the mushrooms and onions.

As you can see, this process is very quick. Since you've used so little oil, it's also very healthy.

How to Sauté Vegetables: Quick and Healthy Recipe - Step 3

Remember to keep stirring all the while to prevent the vegetables from sticking nor bursting into flames. Remove them from the fire when you see that they are already done. To check if the sautéed vegetables are ready, it will suffice to pierce them with a fork. If they are a bit raw, leave them for a bit longer so that they are perfect.

In general, sautéed vegetables usually take about 15 minutes at the most to make.


Ready! Now you can enjoy a delicious dish for dinner, or as a side for roasted chicken thigh, brown rice or a bowl of spaghetti. Enjoy a healthy meal in the blink of an eye!

Now that you know how to sauté vegetables in a quick and healthy way, tell us your tips and recipes in the comments section! If you want, you can also learn how to make grilled vegetables and how to make a vegetable omelette.

How to Sauté Vegetables: Quick and Healthy Recipe - Step 5

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How to Sauté Vegetables: Quick and Healthy Recipe