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How to Make Grilled Zucchini in the Oven

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Grilled Zucchini in the Oven

Do you like zucchini? Then surely you will be interested to know the easiest way to prepare this vegetable that is also perfect for weight loss plans as well as for people who want to care for their health. Note that this vegetable has a variety of benefits that are optimal for our health. For example, it helps to improve our intestinal transit through its fiber content and also strengthens our immune system thanks to the presence of vitamin C.

In this OneHowTo article we will tell how to make grilled zucchini in the oven so you can make the most of the nutrients in this ingredient and eat it in a very light form.

Less than 15 minutes low difficulty


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Steps to follow:


Learning to make grilled zucchini in the oven is very simple and quick to do. The first thing we will do is wash the vegetables to remove any toxic residues that may be impregnated on their peel. When ready cut them into thick slices to prevent them from breaking or burning whilst cooking.

The best way is to cut vertically as this will make the pieces look bigger but you can also cut them into slices, the result is the same.

How to Make Grilled Zucchini in the Oven - Step 1

Once cut, we must extend a piece of kitchen paper on a kitchen surface for the courgette to rest on. This will ensure the moisture is fully absorbed by the paper. Place the slices over it and season. Leave the zucchini for half an hour to release all the water. Then dry them thoroughly to remove all the liquid that has been released.


When finished we put a splash of olive oil in a pan and heat it. Now, add the pieces of zucchini and let them cook over medium heat, first one side and then on the other. Salt to taste and, if we want to enhance their flavor, add a pinch of rosemary.

How to Make Grilled Zucchini in the Oven - Step 3

You will know when to remove them from the fire because you will see how the vegetable begins to take on a more golden color. Let it cook to your taste and, when you think that it is ready, remove from the heat and place in a bowl or on a plate. Done! You have prepared your griddled zucchini and can use them to accompany any dishes.


This is a perfect light and tasty recipe for a healthy diet. The reason is that this vegetable is packed with nutrients that make it an indispensable ally for the proper functioning the body. Next we reveal the benefits of zucchini, so you will understand just why they are so good.

  • Low in calories: it is a perfect ingredient to be included in recipes for those who want to maintain or lose weight. It contains almost no fat or calories and is very rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Rich in fiber: so it improves intestinal transit promoting internal cleansing of the body and the metallisation of fats.
  • Rich in potassium: this mineral helps our body eliminate toxins and therefore keeps our health levels optimal.
  • Phosphorus content: this mineral is able to improve our brain connections making our vital organ function correctly.
  • Rich in calcium: this component ensures that our bones are strong, essential in growth periods or during menopause.
  • Rich in vitamins: courgettes contain vitamins from groups A (good for skin), C (perfect to strengthen our defenses) and E (ideal to fight infectious agents).
How to Make Grilled Zucchini in the Oven - Step 5

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How to Make Grilled Zucchini in the Oven