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How To Fry Cassava Chips

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Fry Cassava Chips

Cassava is a tuber commonly used in Latin American, African and Asian cuisine. It is a very nutritious and versatile food that can be used in various recipes, perfect for accompanying meats and starters. This fried method is the most popular and delicious, so at we show you how to fry cassava chips so they're crispy and tasty.

For healthier cassava preparations, try our alternatives to deep frying.

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Steps to follow:

Fried cassava chips go great with any sauce, like avocado or mango sauce, or you can use it to accompany various dishes, especially grilled meats. And if you like this tuber you simply must try preparing it this way.


The first thing to do to fry cassava is to wash and peel it. Because both the tuber and its skin are very hard, we recommend using a potato peeler to make it faster.

Once you've peeled it, cut it into sticks of the desired thickness. Keep in mind that you shouldn't cut it too thin, because this could make the boiling process difficult.


Bring a pot of water to boil and when it has started boiling, add the cassava and a little salt. Due to the hardness of this food, before frying it you should cook it a bit first. Keep an eye on the cassava, as it should be soft but not brake.


When the cassava is ready, strain the water and let it cool. Don't touch the cassava when it's hot or it could break. Once it has cooled a bit, check each piece of cassava, removing the central strand so that it will be much more easy and delicious to eat.


After this, the time has come to fry the cassava. Heat a pan with oil and, once hot, slowly add the cassava sticks and fry them until they're very browned.

Always try to use the best oil for deep frying.

Remove them and place them on paper towels for a few seconds to remove excess oil. Preferably serve your fried cassava hot and accompanied by sauce or a meat you like.


Fried cassava is the ideal way to enjoy that bit of cooked cassava that you have left over, putting it to good use and serving it in a delicious and unique way.

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How To Fry Cassava Chips