How To Stop Mince Pies Sticking To The Tin

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Stop Mince Pies Sticking To The Tin

Mince pies are must-have delicacies during the Christmas season. These are yummy, and fairly easy to make too, but most cooking enthusiasts end up having their pies stuck to the tin. Here at OneHowTo.com, we are going to give you some tips on how to stop mince pies sticking to the tin.

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Steps to follow:

Non-stick sprays and oils are available in aerosols or pump bottles. It forms a layer of vegetable oil between the tin and the pie, so that the two do not stick together. However, they may leave residue on the tray when exposed to heat.


If you are making small pies, you can rub some sunflower oil on greaseproof or baking paper, and fold it into the tin. Although the pie will stick to this paper, and you will have to tear it off after the cooking, you will at least prevent the mixture from sticking to the tin.


You can use non-stick or siliconised baking paper or trays to make mince pies. Although these are expensive, you can use them 3-4 times, after which they start tearing.


Silicone baking mats are strong and flexible, and have fiberglass that forms a non-stick layer between the mixture and the tin. It will not let the pie to stick to the tin, even if it is a high-sugar mixture. You can directly bake your pie on this mat, as it is completely safe, and easy to clean too.


There are tins themselves made up of silicone. This makes these tins completely non-stick surfaces, which you can freely use to bake mince pies without sticking. The best thing is that they are light in weight, and easy to clean as well.


Before you place your pie in the oven for baking, make sure to grease the dish, and do not forget to dust it with some flour as well. Greasing only is not enough, you will have to dust it too to achieve best results.


Check the bottom of your pie, and know that soggy pastries always stick. Make sure that the pastry case is completely dry before you pour the filling in it. If you are using a sloppy filling, then it is advised to paint the bottom pastry with egg wash, and then scatter some semolina or polenta on it to absorb any excess moisture. This will not only dry up the filling, but will also make your pastry waterproof.


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How To Stop Mince Pies Sticking To The Tin