An Easy Fondant Recipe - Without Marshmallows

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: December 2, 2018
An Easy Fondant Recipe - Without Marshmallows

Fondant is a sugar icing that has become very popular in the pastry world to decorate cakes, cupcakes and biscuits, in all sorts of amazing ways. It's versatile, can be shaped in practically any way and is often used in the most creative and original ways to decorate desserts. The easiest way to make it is with marshmallows but it's not the only way.

If you prefer to make some homemade fondant with other ingredients because you don't have or like marshmallows, you can replace them with liquid glucose and glycerine. The recipe is just as simple, the only problem is getting your hands on these two ingredients, as you probably won't have them in the house. You can find them in special pastry shops. So if you fancy a change of recipe and want to learn how to make fondant without marshmallows, grab the necessary ingredients and follow the steps in this oneHOWTO recipe guide.

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Steps to follow:


Before you start making you homemade easy fondant without marshmallows, you should have all the ingredients ready. If you have a measuring spoon for cooking, the quantities you'll need are as follows: 5 tablespoons of water, 1 heaped tablespoon of glucose, 1 level tablespoon of glycerin, 1 level tablespoon of vanilla extract and 1 level tablespoon of butter.

If you don't have a measuring spoon, use a soup-spoon and add half a spoonful more for each ingredient. As for the essence, this is simply to give the fondant a bit of flavor, so it can be vanilla, lemon, strawberry, etc. It should however be colorless, so that the icing stays white.


To begin making the fondant, you need to slowly pour the powdered gelatine into the water so that it soaks up the liquid and forms lumps. Leave for a few seconds, and when the lumps appear, heat up the mixture in a water bath until it dissolves, stirring throughout. When you're done, add the glucose and keep stirring.

An Easy Fondant Recipe - Without Marshmallows - Step 2

Virtually everything from now on will be done using the water bath - at a low heat if it's the first time you've done it - so make sure you use a big enough container. When the glucose has dissolved, add the glycerine, and remember to keep stirring. When it's all mixed together, add the butter. You'll see that the ingredients dissolve extremely quickly, so this won't take very long at all.

An Easy Fondant Recipe - Without Marshmallows - Step 3

Now add the vanilla extract, and keep stirring. When all the ingredients are properly mixed together, take the container out of the water bath and slowly add the powdered sugar. It's recommended to use castor sugar for this, as regular granulated sugar tends to break up the base of the fondant. No need to add all the sugar; if you're planning to keep the fondant to use it later just add half (and then the other half when you are going to use it). If you decide to do this, cover securely with cling film and keep it in the fridge.

An Easy Fondant Recipe - Without Marshmallows - Step 4

When the base begins to thicken, you can mix it with your hands - this will be much easier. Cover your hands and the working space with powdered sugar and start kneading. You'll know your homemade fondant is ready when it stops sticking. You can then use it to decorate a cake or any other type of pastry.

An Easy Fondant Recipe - Without Marshmallows - Step 5

If you added all the sugar, use some of the fondant and save the rest. Don't leave it in the fridge. Fondant with marshmallows can be kept in the fridge, but this kind can't, as it goes extremely hard and you'll need to heat it up in the microwave for a few minutes. The best thing is to make it into a ball, cover with cling film and store in an airtight bag or sealable container, and leave it somewhere cool.

An Easy Fondant Recipe - Without Marshmallows - Step 6

And if you want to add some colour to your fondant without marshmallows we recommend adding a drop of liquid dye to the water, or as many drops as you like depending on what tone you want. (Do this before adding the gelatine). This will make it much easier to dye the whole mass, as it will give you the colour you're after from the start. Now you can decorate your pastry desserts with whatever shapes, colours and patterns you like. have a look at our articles on cake decoration for some ideas!

Now that you know how to make fondant without marshmallows, we also have several different recipes for fondant that you can try.

An Easy Fondant Recipe - Without Marshmallows - Step 7

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Neither GLUCOSE or GLYCERINE are hard to find. They're both actually, extremely easy to come by, if you just know where to look. Read the ingredients of hard to find or expensive items and you may find it already lives in your pantry.

GLUCOSE: is nothing more than corn syrup. Read the label. Substitute corn syrup and the recipe works the same.

GLYCERINE: can be found in the pharmacy area, by the laxatives, at Walmart and many other stores. It's human. Food Grade and costs about three times less, with double the amount, than if you were to purchase it from a baked goods store.

Happy hunting!
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An Easy Fondant Recipe - Without Marshmallows