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How to Ferment Cabbage in a Jar

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 3, 2018
How to Ferment Cabbage in a Jar

Fermented cabbage is healthy and delicious. Homemade fermented cabbage is simple to make, it is healthy, and tastes yummy with a tangy and crunchy texture. All you require is some salt and cabbage, and a big size jar that you need for fermentation. The fermented cabbage gets ready in around 3 days, though you can continue fermenting it for many more days after that too. You don’t need a fancy container to make this dish. This oneHOWTO article is going to tell you how to ferment cabbage in a jar.

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Steps to follow:


The first step to ferment cabbage in a jar is to wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly, as you would be using your hands to mix salt in the cabbage.


Discard the outer, wilted leaves of the cabbage, cut it into four quarters, and trim out its core. Slice every quarter down the length to make 8 wedges. Slice every wedge cross-wise to make very thin kind of ribbons

How to Ferment Cabbage in a Jar - Step 2

Transfer the cut cabbage in a mixing bowl and sprinkle kosher salt on its top. Start massaging the salt into the ribbons of cabbage, while squeezing the ribbons with hands


Firstly, you may feel that the salt is less. Don’t add more. As you massage and squeeze, the cabbage will become limp and watery, and it will be enough. The entire process may take around 5-10 minutes. If you like to add the flavor of caraway seeds in your fermented cabbage, it’s time to add them too.

How to Ferment Cabbage in a Jar - Step 4

Pack the cabbage in a jar by adding one handful after the other. A canning funnel will make your job easier and faster. Use your fist to tamp down the cabbage within the jar. You must have some liquid in the bowl that the cabbage left behind while you were squeezing it with your hands.


Once you have packed all the cabbage in the jar, slip a smaller jelly jar into the bigger jar and weigh it down with some marbles and stones. This will keep the cabbage ribbons weighed down and submerged in the liquid.


Use a piece of cloth to cover the jar’s mouth and secure it with a twine or a rubber band. By doing this, air will be allowed to pass through the jar, but any dust and insects will be prevented.

How to Ferment Cabbage in a Jar - Step 7

Keep pressing the cabbage from time to time over the next few hours. As the cabbage will continue to release its liquids, it will become more compact and limp, and you will see the liquid rising over the top.


If the liquid does not rise above the cabbage level even after 24 hours, then dissolve one tsp of salt in one cup water, and add it to the jar to completely submerge the cabbage.


Allow the fermentation to take place for 3-10 days, while keeping the jar at room temperature away from sunlight. Check it everyday and press it down if you see any cabbage floating over the liquid.


Taste the cabbage after 3 days. If it tastes nice, remove the weight and screw the cap to refrigerate. If you are not in a hurry, you can allow it to ferment for one more week. You can keep the cabbage fermented for 2 months, and even longer if you keep it refrigerated.

You can also make other delicious fermented foods at home such as Napa cabbage kimchi or Kombucha tea.

How to Ferment Cabbage in a Jar - Step 11

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How to Ferment Cabbage in a Jar