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How to Make a Strawberry Slushy at Home

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. August 31, 2021
How to Make a Strawberry Slushy at Home

Refreshing drinks are one of the best solutions to combat the sweltering heat of summer. Slushies are some of the best examples of this due to the fact they contain crushed ice, making it colder than the average beverage. This summer drink can be purchased from convenience stores, cinema concession stands and more in the commercial environment. They are made with syrup which is often bad for your health. For this reason, making your own slushy at home is a way which not only makes it extra delicious, but it can be a great way to ensure it is better for you.

At oneHOWTO, we show you how to make a strawberry slushy at home. We show you how to make it with natural ingredients and you will see just how easy it can be.

6 diners Less than 15 minutes low difficulty


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Steps to follow:


The first step in making healthy strawberry slushies is getting some good seasonal strawberries. Fruit quality is the best tip for a homemade strawberry shake, sorbet or slushy. If you already have them, start by washing and drying the fruit. Once all the strawberries are clean, cut each unit in half, first removing the green stalks from each strawberry.

How to Make a Strawberry Slushy at Home - Step 1

If using a hand mixer, place the strawberries in a bowl and add the water, brown sugar, ice, and squeezed lemon juice. Blend all the ingredients so that they are well integrated into a smooth homogeneous liquid. It is important that you blend the entire mixture several times and scrape the sides, especially for the ice. If you add crushed ice it will be easier to crush along with the rest of the ingredients. The same process can be done more easily in a blender.

How to Make a Strawberry Slushy at Home - Step 2

With the blended mixture, check that the ice has become smooth. You can make a granita by blending the mixture slightly less and having larger ice particles.


If you do not have ice, freeze the liquid obtained from the blender for two or three hours. After each hour, stir the mixture and let it continue to freeze until you see a slushy texture. At that moment, you can definitely remove it from the freezer and serve it.

How to Make a Strawberry Slushy at Home - Step 4

The last step in knowing how to prepare a strawberry slushy is to serve the drink in as many glasses as you have diners. For garnish, you have different options. Mint leaves are ideal as they add to the freshness and the green looks great with the red. For adults, you can add a little gin to make an alcoholic slushy.

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  • If you have children at home, take advantage of the strawberries that you have left over from the preparation of the slushy to make a strawberry sorbet, an equally tasty and often more attractive alternative for the little ones.
  • You can use frozen strawberries instead of fresh strawberries, but this might make the slushy extra gritty. You can experiment at home, but the best thing might be to let them defrost before using them.
  • Another very useful tip on this recipe is learning how to make a sugar-free strawberry slushy. The drink can be sweetened with other sweeteners such as agave syrup, stevia or other natural sweeteners.
  • In short, the strawberry granita is an excellent drink to refresh you in the hottest months of the year, but control the added amounts of sugar so that it does not become a 'caloric bomb' for the body.
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How to Make a Strawberry Slushy at Home