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How to Make Authentic Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Authentic Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken
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Sweet and sour chicken is one of the super star dishes in Chinese restaurants. Its combination of sweet and sour flavors makes it an excellent and appetizing dish. It is rich, tasty and most importantly it is easy to prepare. If you want to put your culinary skills to the test and delight the palates with this delight the take note. In OneHowTo.com we explain how to make sweet and sour chicken. Follow the steps below. Have fun cooking and delve a little more into Asian cuisine. You will be delighted.

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Steps to follow:


Place soy sauce in a bowl and marinade the chicken cut into cubes for a few minutes. When you see it is soft it will be time to prepare the batter.

How to Make Authentic Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken - Step 1
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Prepare the mix to batter the chicken. You will need flour, pepper, salt and beer. You can also add liquid left over from marinating the chicken with the soy sauce. If you notice that your batter mix is very clear add tablespoons of flour until it becomes more consistent and thick.


Once you have made the dough, coat the chicken cubes in it and then fry in a pan containing hot sunflower oil. When you observe that the chicken tacos are of a golden colour, remove from heat and place on a plate with absorbent kitchen paper so to remove the excess oil from frying.


Meanwhile in another pan sauté the vegetables adding salt and pepper to taste, so to later add them to the chicken dish. You just need to sauté them, they will eventually cook through when in the sweet and sour sauce.

How to Make Authentic Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken - Step 4
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To make the sweet and sour sauce you mix the following ingredients in a bowl: the three tablespoons of vinegar and three tablespoons of brown sugar. If you do not have this type of sugar, you can use white sugar. You should also add three tablespoons of sweetened pineapple juice. Then add to the mixture a spoonful of soy, one of sunflower oil and one of honey. Add salt and pepper to taste and add a teaspoon of ginger powder and a tablespoon of ketchup. Look at the picture, your sweet and sour sauce should look something like this.

How to Make Authentic Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken - Step 5
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Mix it all on a low heat. You must watch the honey melt and keep stirring all the ingredients for the flavours to mix slowly.


Mix the sauce until thick and then incorporates slowly the corn flour to further thicken. The sauce can be concentrated to your liking, the thicker you want it, the more corn flour you should add while stirring the mixture.


Once you have the sauce to your liking, remove from the heat. Then in a new pan you should add the fried chicken cubes, vegetables and sauce. Mix it up and heat for a few minutes.


And that is it! You have your Chinese style sweet and sour chicken ready to serve. You can make white basmati rice to accompany. You will delight your guests.

How to Make Authentic Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken - Step 9
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  • This recipe can be made with pork loin or turkey or any lean and tender meat.
  • The recipe can be applied and adapted in varieties to taste, especially in regard to the adding of vegetables.
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Image: kocinarte.com
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How to Make Authentic Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken