Coconut water

How To Make Coconut Water

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Make Coconut Water

Coconut water is widely consumed in tropical countries where this fruit is easily found, and is an exquisite liquid that provides great health benefits. Coconut water has a sweet nutty taste, and it's tapped from young green coconuts, which contain much higher quantities of water than ripe coconuts.

Besides serving to hydrate, coconut water is full of minerals and vitamins essential for the proper functioning of the body and is especially good to regulate intestinal transit, feel more energetic, eliminate toxins and improve the appearance of the skin, among others. It is perfect for people who practice sport, as it has less calories and sodium and more potassium than a commercial drink. Not to mention it's more natural!

Coconut water can be consumed directly from the inside of the fruit, but it is also possible to prepare a delicious homemade recipe as we show you in the following OneHowTo article See below how to make homemade coconut water.

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Steps to follow:


To begin making this coconut water recipe you have to acquire a natural coconut and open it. Although you might think it's difficult to open, it is actually easier than it sounds. First, take an opener and perforate one of the three holes located at one end of the coconut. When you've made the hole, pour the water into a glass, strain it to remove traces of coconut crust and set aside.


Then you must split your coconut in half to get your white meat. To do this, you can use a hammer and hit the surface until it opens. Then use a knife to extract the coconut meat. You can read this article on how to open a coconut easily if you're not sure how to do it.

How To Make Coconut Water - Step 2

Once you've extracted the coconut meat, grate it. Put the coconut water together with grated coconut, two tablespoons of white sugar and a pinch of cinnamon into the mixer. Beat all ingredients at medium speed for a few seconds. You can skip the sugar if you want the coconut water to be healthier.


When the ingredients are integrated, pour in the evaporated milk and some mineral water. Beat again until blended. Do not pour too much evaporated milk, as you want the drink to be liquid as water. If you put too much milk it will look more like a smoothie. Finally, pour the resulting liquid in a jar and add ice. By following these simple steps you have coconut water that's ready to drink.

How To Make Coconut Water - Step 4

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it seems to be a lot of work to open and get at the coconut meat.
Probably better to buy a bag of it chopped up.
Not hard at all I slammed th coconut on the floor in a plastic bag and the shell broke I used a knife to separate the shell from the skin it was really easy
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How To Make Coconut Water