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How to Make Homemade Raw Dark Chocolate Bars

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Make Homemade Raw Dark Chocolate Bars

Homemade raw dark chocolate bars are made by melting cocoa butter, cocoa powder, honey and the flavouring of choice together, and then letting the bar solidify in the fridge.

Chocolate tastes amazing. Everybody knows that. What many don´t know is that chocolate health benefits are being increasingly recognized by doctors worldwide. Not just any chocolate, it has to be dark chocolate, with a concentration of cacao of at least 70%. Dark chocolate calories are very low, studies suggest that chocolate can actually make you lose weight. Dark chocolate health benefits also include brain´s stimulation, improving articulation, and reduction of colestherol. The raw chocolate bars recipe that follows enhances chocolate health benefits, as it contains no milk and no sugar. You can eat these raw chocolate bars as they are, or use them to make other recipes such as the Chocolate Ganache. So, let´s learn how to make homemade raw dark chocolate bars.

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Steps to follow:


This homemade dark chocolate bars recipe is so easy and has so few ingredients you can make it as often as you like. The only utensil you need is a bowl that you will put on top of a pot containing boiling water on medium heat. In the bowl goes the cacao butter. Let it melt slowly. Cacao butter is the key ingredient that makes chocolate health benefits skyrocket, so it is very important not to burn it as that would make chocolate health benefits disappear. Cacao butter is not only good in the kitchen, it actually is a well kept beauty secret as well, and can be used in soaps and creams. Check this article on how to make chocolate soap. When it melts, you can add honey or agave syrup and stir gently. When those two ingredients are well combined together, you add the cacao powder. This homemade chocolate recipe calls for low fat cacao powder in order to keep dark chocolate calories low.

How to Make Homemade Raw Dark Chocolate Bars - Step 1

Now, the optional ingredients. At this stage, the homemade raw chocolate bars recipe completely depends on your own taste. You can add a stemmed vanilla bean, lemon zest, a pinch of salt, chilli or ginger powder, or a combination of 2 of those ingredients in your homemade raw chocolate bars recipe. Just two suggestions: do not add too much of the additional ingredients, especially if you are making this recipe for the first time, as it is very easy to spoil the delicate balance of flavor. Also, do not add fat or artificial flavoring, as that would make the chocolate health benefits vanish and the dark chocolate calories go up.


Now, give all of your ingredients one last whisk and let the mixture cool down a little, not too much as you need to be able to model it into raw chocolate bars. You can also taste your homemade chocolate now to see if you want it sweeter. To make the raw chocolate bars, form two balls and then spread each one of them on a piece of parchment paper. Fold the paper and play with the raw chocolate with your hands until you form two thin raw chocolate bars. Let them sit in the fridge and firm up for about 30 minutes.


Now, the last step of this homemade raw chocolate bars recipe: taste your creation! And remember, you can eat (almost) as much homemade raw chocolate bars as you like because of the many dark chocolate health benefits and the very low chocolate calories.

How to Make Homemade Raw Dark Chocolate Bars - Step 4

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How to Make Homemade Raw Dark Chocolate Bars