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How to Make Homemade Vegan Butter

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 29, 2021
How to Make Homemade Vegan Butter

Many people who have decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle say the one thing they miss about a non-plant-based diet is butter. They are happy with their decision as it provides benefit to themselves and the animal kingdom, but it is hard to find the rich creamy flavors which butter provides. Fortunately, there is a vegan alternative to butter which can satiate this craving. Not only is it just a delicious, creamy and is able to be used in any non-vegan recipe as a butter replacement, but it is much healthier than butter.

At oneHOWTO, see how to make homemade vegan butter with our easy butter alternative recipe. Let us know in the comments how it worked out for you!

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Steps to follow:


The first step to making this vegan butter is to mix the non-dairy milk and lemon juice in a bowl. The type of milk alternative you need has to be vegetable milk to make the butter vegan and it has to be free of sweeteners to get the right taste. Soy milk is our recommendation for this vegan butter recipe, but there are other options available.

How to Make Homemade Vegan Butter - Step 1

Wait at least a minute for the vegetable milk and lemon juice mixture to curdle. A bowl is enough to make the mixture, but you can also prepare it in a blender or food processor if you have one available.

How to Make Homemade Vegan Butter - Step 2

Add the curdled mixture of non-dairy milk and lemon juice to the blender jug. Add the rest of the ingredients: the melted coconut oil, sunflower oil, nutritional yeast and a little salt to taste. Affix the bender jug lid and blend until you get a homogenous mixture. All ingredients must be well integrated. Omit the salt if you want to make no-salt vegan butter.

You can make this in a food processor or even beat it by hand, but the latter will take much longer. You can also make vegan butter with more neutral oils rather than the coconut oil. You can even use olive oil if you want to give it a more Mediterranean flavor.

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How to Make Homemade Vegan Butter - Step 3

Once you have the beaten mixture, place it in an airtight container. Store in the refrigerator to set. When it has solidified you can remove it from the refrigerator.

Leave the butter stored in the fridge until you want to consume it. You must remove it in advance to let is soften a little and make it easier to spread. When kept in optimal condition, this vegan butter should last at least 3 weeks.

How to Make Homemade Vegan Butter - Step 4

Now your homemade vegan butter is ready. At oneHOWTO we give you some more tips to see how to use this vegan butter alternative:

  • Correct the taste of the butter with the salt while you mix. You should add more or less salt depending on how you want to prepare it and what recipes you want to use it for.
  • To make a butter with a yellow color, add some turmeric powder. This way, it will look more similar to traditional butter.
  • Optionally, include herbs or spices to taste when making vegan butter if you want to flavor it. Adding minced garlic is a good way to make easy vegan garlic butter, but bear in mind it might spoil more quickly.
  • Pastry recipes such as cakes, buns or creams are other options in which you can use this type of butter. It will continue to provide flavor and, above all, the consistency required by certain dishes. You can also simply spread a little on your favorite type of toast and enjoy with a coffee.

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How to Make Homemade Vegan Butter