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How to Make Soursop Juice

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: October 16, 2020
How to Make Soursop Juice

Among the tropical fruits the soursop can be highlighted for offering incredible health benefits that promote both the smooth functioning of the digestive system and that of the kidneys and liver. In addition, numerous studies have linked it to the fight against cancer as it combats the development of harmful cells and protects healthy tissues. If further to eating this fruit you also want to consume it in a different and equally healthy way then pay attention to this OneHowTo recipe where we explain how to make soursop juice.

Less than 15 minutes low difficulty
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Steps to follow:

As noted, soursop has many benefits that favor the health of the body, but with soursop juice we will especially make us of and maximize its diuretic properties. That is why if you suffer from fluid retention or want to include in your daily diet ingredients that help eliminate toxins then this recipe is perfect for you.


To start preparing this soursop juice recipe you need to peel the fruit with special care. First, cut in half and separate the pulp from the shell with a knife or a spoon. Withdraw as many inner seeds contained within it as possible, and leave it completely white.

How to Make Soursop Juice - Step 2

Once the soursop is ready place the pulp in a blender and process it for a few seconds to get all its natural juice. Add together the juice, oat milk and water and processed again so that all ingredients are blended. We have added oat milk, but you can replace this with another type of vegetable milk such as soy milk or almond milk, it will be just as delicious.


Then add sugar to taste, depending on whether you want the soursop juice to be more or less sweet. Another option is to add a teaspoon of honey in place of the sugar or go for another type of sweetener.


Now you only have to pour the soursop juice obtained into a jar; if you want it to be completely liquid we recommend pre-straining. Add crushed ice if you want to drink it cold and ready! You can now enjoy the benefits of this therapeutic fruit whenever you want.


Now you know how to make Soursop juice, you can discover another more delicious way to eat this fruit by referring to our article on how to make soursop cake.

How to Make Soursop Juice - Step 6

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How to Make Soursop Juice