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How to Make the Perfect Bloody Mary Cocktail

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. July 19, 2021
How to Make the Perfect Bloody Mary Cocktail

Bloody Marys have been long-associated with brunch culture. However, this cocktail has been popular in many different contexts for at least a century. It is a vodka-based cocktail which is a little heartier than most. This is due to the key ingredient of tomato juice and the fact it is served in a highball glass. When served with its classical celery-stick garnish, it can almost be a meal in itself. Sometimes drunk on its own, it can also be an aperitif to a meal. In some cases, it may even be a replacement for the starter.

One of the best aspects of the Bloody Mary is that it is so customizable. For this reason, our oneHOWTO guide on how to make the perfect Bloody Mary comes with a caveat: while we provide the ingredients and method to create a delicious Bloody Mary, the perfect recipe is the one which you like the most.

2 diners Less than 15 minutes low difficulty


You'll need:

  • A glass shaker or jug
  • A spoon
  • A strainer
  • Two glasses

Steps to follow:


The first step you should do is find a highball glass, pitcher or tall glass with enough capacity to add all the mixed ingredients. A half-liter glass should be enough. Fill the glass with ice to 2/3 capacity. Stir the ice to cool down the glass. When you finish, strain the glass so any melted ice is removed, otherwise the Bloody Mary may be watered down.

How to Make the Perfect Bloody Mary Cocktail - Step 1

Measure the amount of vodka and add it to the glass. With our recipe, you will have a Bloody Mary which is not too strong, but has the perfect balance. However, your perfect Bloody Mary may require more or less vodka. In fact, you can remove the vodka completely and replace it with the same amount of tomato juice for a perfect Virgin Mary. Add the tomato juice and stir.

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How to Make the Perfect Bloody Mary Cocktail - Step 2

Squeeze the 10 milliliters of fresh lemon juice and add it to the mixture to give it an acidic touch that takes us away from the sweetness of the tomato.

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How to Make the Perfect Bloody Mary Cocktail - Step 3

Now is the time to spice it up. This is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to making the perfect Bloody Mary. If you are making a big jug of Bloody Marys for multiple people, it is best to go easy. If individuals want it to be spicier, they can add more hot sauce to their own glass.

The classic hot sauce for a Bloody Mary is Tabasco. However, you can use your own favorite if you want something different. Add the Worcestershire sauce, adding more if you want a greater umami flavor.


When it comes to serving your Bloody Mary, the most important thing you need to do is taste it. To ensure we don't spread germs, place a straw in the glass about an inch down and then place your finger over the hole in the other end. Lift the straw to your mouth and then take your finger off. This will give you a little tasting splash. Add more lemon, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce or anything you wish.

How to Make the Perfect Bloody Mary Cocktail - Step 5

Garnish your Bloody Mary with a whole celery stick and finish it with some cracked black pepper at the top. For the ultimate perfect Bloody Mary, add a thin layer of ruby port or full-bodied red wine. Normally you don't mix the grape and grain, but this can be the perfect little flavor boost with its sweetness.

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How to Make the Perfect Bloody Mary Cocktail - Step 6

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  • The key for your Bloody Mary recipe to be perfect is to choose a good tomato juice, whether it is one prepared by you or store-bought, keep in mind that it must always be of good quality.
  • When you taste it, you will know its spiciness level and what condiments it is missing. This way, it will always be the perfect Bloody Mary for you.
  • If making for guests, always as them how they like their own Bloody Mary to be prepared.
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How to Make the Perfect Bloody Mary Cocktail