How to make homemade whiskey

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make homemade whiskey

Whiskey is a distilled beverage which is commonly consumed worldwide. Although the production of whiskey may seem complicated, unlike other spirits, is very easy and can be made comfortably at home. If you like this drink or want to surprise your guests, pay attention to the next article, where OneHowTo.com will teach you how to make homemade whiskey. With these steps you will get a personal drink with a unique taste that is impossible to get. Go ahead and add to your whiskey the value of having it made by yourself.

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Steps to follow:


The selection of good fresh corn kernels will determine the whole production process. This is the most important ingredient, as it will give the flavour to the whiskey. When you have chosen the corn that you will use, placed 5 kg of it in a bag of hemp or jute.

How to make homemade whiskey - Step 1

The next step the process of maize humidification. To do this, you must place the 5 kg of maize in the hemp bag into a container of warm water. Pay attention and make sure that 100% of the bag is submerged in the water and leave to stand for about about 5 minutes, just like this you will be certain all the grains are damp.


After this time, remove the sack with maize and place it in a closed and dark space in your home, such as a basement or attic. It is very important that in this place the temperature is warm or cool, but never cold. You should keep the bag in the room for a period of 10-12 days.


After this time you must clean the maize grains. You will notice that the process has been carried out properly if you see they have sprouted small shoots and roots on the grains. If so, the preparation of maize is perfect. So removed the sprouts with your own hands and by use of some hot water. Like this you will have the grain by which you will prepare the homemade whiskey perfectly clean and ready.


With the sprouts removed it is time to mix and crush the grain. Thanks to the previous humidification process, this step will be easier. Crush them with a mallet or mortar until you are left with a uniform mass which is consistent. When you have the mass, add water (about 5 litres) and put the mixture to boil. Remember, be sure to stir until it all becomes a liquid. The moment you observe it is liquid, let the mixture simmer, for about half an hour, and add one cup yeast.

How to make homemade whiskey - Step 5

With the liquid mixture ready, it is time for the fermentation process. Pass the liquid in a sealed container or fermenter, ensuring it has a small hole or opening that serves to ventilate and drain fermentation gases. To complete the process properly, you should leave the mixture for about 10 days.


Once past this ideal time frame fermentation, it is time for bottling. First filter the liquid through a sieve with a cloth and a funnel. You simply need to pass the mixture from one bottle to another. Do it as often as you think, to remove any debris or residues and leave the liquid clear and clean.


Voila! Now that your whiskey is bottled, you can taste it neat or with ice or use it in one of many recipes. Enjoy your homemade whiskey.

How to make homemade whiskey - Step 8

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How to make homemade whiskey