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How to Make Clarified Butter in the Microwave

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make Clarified Butter in the Microwave

Believe it or not, Indian cooking is just incomplete without ghee. It is a type of clarified butter which is made by browning the milk solids. Straight clarified butter has milk solids removed so that the butter does not burn easily. When you make clarified butter at home, it proves to be so cheaper than store bought cans. Instead of making clarified butter on a stove-top, this oneHOWTO article will show you how to make clarified butter in microwave.

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The method

In this method of making clarified butter in the microwave, the butter is cut into a number of chunks and then it is allowed to melt in the microwave without any stirring. After this, the butter settles down itself to form three different layers. The middle layer is the clarified butter than you want to make. If you have a common 800 watt microwave, then you will need to use it on full power, but if you have an oven with larger watt, then you can use the medium power of it. Whatever it is, it is important to keep watching the progress. Follow these steps to make clarified butter in microwave:

  1. Take some butter and cut it into tablespoon sized pieces. This will ensure that the butter melts evenly without spitting
  2. Place these butter pieces in a heat-proof container or measuring cup, which should be taller than its width. Make sure that all the pieces come easily in the container you have chosen. Remember, the butter will rise a bit after melting, and the container should be big enough to accommodate it without over-flowing
  3. Turn on your microwave and keep heating until the butter melts and rises. Let the butter rise till the top of the jar and then switch it off. If your butter has separated perfectly, you will be able to see some foam on its top, a clear yellow clarified butter at the middle, and a watery liquid part in the bottom. Let the melted butter settle down once, switch on the microwave again, and allow it to rise once again. You will be able to see the separated layers clearly this time
  4. Take out the container and allow it to stand undisturbed for 2-3 minutes. Make sure you do not let it stand for so long, otherwise the butter will solidify again.
  5. Tilt the container and use a spoon to take out the top layer of foam from the butter. Make sure that the spoon does not reach the middle or bottom layer. Now spoon the middle layer of the clarified butter in another container and leave behind the liquid part at the bottom. Store the middle layer of clarified butter that you took out in a container with lid, and keep refrigerated for infinity.
How to Make Clarified Butter in the Microwave - The method

What to do with the top and bottom layers

Now that you have made your clarified butter in the microwave, you don’t need to discard the top and bottom layers you separated earlier. You can mix both these layers together, let them heat in the microwave for a few minutes until it starts smelling like butterscotch. You can use this mixture as a spread on breads, or add salt or sugar to it to use it the way you want. So, nothing gets wasted, and you get some new ingredients to work with in your kitchen.

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How to Make Clarified Butter in the Microwave