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How To Make Coffee Taste Good

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make Coffee Taste Good

Coffee lovers are everywhere, and many of them are advocates of black coffee only, but adding a minor ingredient can actually give a fun change to your everyday coffee routine. No, we are not talking about sugar and cream. If you are wondering how to make coffee taste good, or at least different, then can actually help.

Steps to follow:

Salt: Salt can be added to your coffee to soften its bitterness. You may add salt directly to the grounds before you brew it, or in your ready coffee before sipping. Salt can be a great addition to a cold brew, and many people say that a pinch of salt in their cold coffee maximizes its flavor.

How To Make Coffee Taste Good - Step 1

Cardamom: People in the Middle East commonly add cardamom in their coffee to give it an exotic flavor. Ayurvedic medicine suggests adding cardamom to coffee to neutralize its stimulating effects. You can sprinkle cardamom powder in your brewed coffee, or add whole seeds in coffee beans before grinding them.

How To Make Coffee Taste Good - Step 2

Vanilla extract: To make coffee taste good and want to give it a sweeter flavor without resorting to sugar , then add a few drops of vanilla extract instead of sugar or processed creamers. Adding almond extract too can give a different taste to your cup of coffee.

How To Make Coffee Taste Good - Step 3

Coconut milk: If you want to keep your coffee dairy free, add some coconut milk to your cup of coffee. Some people may not love the coconut flavor that comes with it, but if you do, coconut milk will make a great alternative to dairy milk.

How To Make Coffee Taste Good - Step 4

Ice cream: Let a scoop of ice cream float on top of your coffee in the cup. By doing this, it will no longer remain a coffee, but will become more like a dessert drink. It can be a perfect treat to be enjoyed on a hot summer day.

How To Make Coffee Taste Good - Step 5

Cinnamon: If you regularly add sugar and cream to your coffee, then you can give a big change to its taste by adding some cinnamon instead. Not only this, it will also reduce the calories you would consume through your coffee, and give some additional health benefits as well.

How To Make Coffee Taste Good - Step 6

Alcohol: Adding alcohol to your cup of coffee is not a new concept. Although you may not want to have a shot early in the morning, you can give it a try in the evening. It is a popular classic in Ireland and Sweden. Preferably, add a strong distilled liquor such as vodka. The Spanish also know about mixing alcohol with coffee, take a look at how to make a carajillo coffee with brandy, delicious!

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How To Make Coffee Taste Good