How to Make a Dalgona Coffee

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. July 20, 2021
How to Make a Dalgona Coffee

There is no one way to make coffee. Whether you are a pour-pver person, an espresso elite or a cafetiere queen, you may have found the perfect coffee for you. However, the coffee is also culturally variable. Even small changes to a technique can make all the difference in the end result. Korea has developed a new technique which results in something known as a dalgona coffee. A dalgona is a milky coffee with a unique look, making it the quintessential TikTock coffee of the year. In Korea, a dalgona is a very sweet and creamy toffee candy. It lends its name to the coffee due to the toffee like appearance.

At oneHOWTO, you will see how to make a dalgona coffee and why its name is so appropriate. The result is one of the best iced coffee recipes with a creamy texture and sweet taste, just like a drinkable toffee candy.

1 diner Less than 15 minutes low difficulty


You'll need:

  • Metal or plastic bowl for mixing
  • Electric mixer or hand whisk
  • A spoon
  • An elongated glass

Steps to follow:


To make Dalgona coffee, put the water, soluble coffee and sugar in a bowl or measuring cup. You must do it in equal parts and proportional to the number of diners. The ratio for the perfect dalgona coffee is as follows:

  • 2 tablespoons of each ingredient per person

If you want to make dalgona coffees for more than one person, simply multiple the number of persons by two for each ingredient. For example, if making it for 2 people, you will need 4 tbsp of each ingredient in total.


You will need to whip theses ingredients in a certain way to achieve the characteristic foam of a Korean dalgona coffee. To do this, we can use a hand mixer or stand mixer to make it as easy as possible. Simply beat them on medium speed until you get stiff peaks, like a meringue. You can do it manually with a whisk, but it will take you longer.

How to Make a Dalgona Coffee - Step 2

Once we have our frothy coffee cream, we must fill a long glass with ice to cool it. This means, when we add the rest of the ingredients, it will remain cold for much longer. It will also help the whipped coffee mixture maintain its consistency. Another option is to leave the glass in the freezer for an hour before making the dalgona coffee.

How to Make a Dalgona Coffee - Step 3

Add the milk or plant milk alternative you have chosen for this dalgona coffee recipe to the glass with ice. Fill about three-quarters of the length of the glass, or until you get the height at which you want the coffee cream to rest. This height depends on the personal taste of each person. Basically, the more milk, the less strong the coffee flavor. However, since you use the same amount of coffee, it will have the same amount of caffeine.

How to Make a Dalgona Coffee - Step 4

Then, before letting the ice melt, add the whipped coffee cream to the top of the glass with the help of a spoon. You will see that, when it comes into contact with cold milk, it does not mix, leaving the typical appearance of dalgona coffee.

How to Make a Dalgona Coffee - Step 5

To finish the dalgona coffee recipe, you can add a special touch by sprinkling on some toppings. These can be whatever you want: oreo cookie, lotus biscuit, waffle straws or whatever you like. You can even change the flavor by adding syrups, honey, cocoa powder or whatever you like.

How to Make a Dalgona Coffee - Step 6

You can now serve and drink the coffee, but remember: to be able to savor all the ingredients together it is necessary to mix them. Enjoy the look of the dalgona coffee, take a pic for the gram and then stir well. Drink with a straw or straight from the glass.

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  • If caffeine doesn't suit you or you don't want an extra boost of energy, you can make this recipe with decaffeinated soluble coffee. The result will be the same.
  • It is not advisable to not drink too much of this coffee Despite being delicious and very refreshing, a single glass contains about 200 calories due to its high sugar content. Also, if you have chosen whole cow's milk to accompany it, it will also add extra fat. Therefore, if we want to eat a balanced and healthy diet, we must consume a dalgona coffee in moderation.
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How to Make a Dalgona Coffee