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How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee in an Italian Coffee Maker

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. May 10, 2022
How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee in an Italian Coffee Maker

Although there are countless convenient coffee-making machines available today, many coffee lovers say that the taste and aroma you get from an Italian coffee maker is second to none. If you have a moka at home and do not know how to use it, do not worry. It's really easy to make an intense, full-bodied coffee that will satisfy the palates of even the most discerning coffee lovers.

Our next oneHOWTO article will show you how to make the perfect cup of coffee with an Italian coffee maker.


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Steps to follow:


First, check if the Italian coffee maker is in perfect condition. Make sure that the filter that is inside is clean and free of small coffee grains so that the filtering process is correct. Also, make sure that the tube or "chimney" in the upper part is not clogged. Finally, make sure that the two parts, i.e., the lower part of the tank and the upper part, fit perfectly when screwed together.


Once you are sure that the machine is completely clean and ready to use, separate the three parts. Then pour some water into a pot to bring it to a boil. When the water is warm (it should not be boiling), pour it into the coffee maker's tank. Fill the tank with enough water so that it reaches the level of the small valve that resembles a screw and is easily visible inside.


Take the filter and fill it with ground coffee using a teaspoon. The coffee should reach the rim without overflowing it. Pour it in without weighing it down, and remove the excess by running a knife flush over the surface. With a toothpick, make 5 holes in the pressed coffee. Place the filter in the tank with the preheated water.

How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee in an Italian Coffee Maker - Step 3

Using a napkin or cloth, remove any coffee beans that may have remained on the rim, place the top tank and screw it tight to hermetically seal the Italian coffee maker.


Place the pot on a kitchen stove with low heat so that the water rises slowly between the coffee powder to better release its aroma. It is also important to keep the lid open, because this will prevent the condensed steam from getting back to the ground coffee, thus changing its taste.

After a few minutes you will see the coffee coming out of the central tube of the coffee maker, slowly at first and after a few seconds at a higher speed. As the coffee comes out, you will hear its characteristic gurgling sound. When you hear it, it's time to close the lid and take your Italian coffee maker off the stove.

How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee in an Italian Coffee Maker - Step 5

Wait a few seconds for the coffee to finish reaching the top and voilà! Your coffee is ready. Before pouring the coffee into the espresso cups, take a teaspoon and stir a little to even out the different layers of coffee.

When you use your moka pot, you will have to use the same pot several times to get the best coffee. So it is normal that the first 10-20 coffees are not as good.

Even small changes to a technique can make a big difference in the end result. Korea has developed a new technique that results in what is called a dalgona coffee. A dalgona is a latte with a unique look that makes it the quintessential TikTock coffee of the year. Read the following article on how to make a dalgona coffee to learn how.

How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee in an Italian Coffee Maker - Step 6

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  • Check that your Italian coffee maker is suitable for the type of burners you normally cook with (gas, ceramic hob, induction hob...). Also, look at the state of the rubber that is on the upper part, which is what allows the hermetic seal. It should be white, not yellowish or grey, since if it has these shades it may be worn and need to be replaced.
  • The coffee required by an Italian coffee maker is always fine-textured ground coffee (like grains of sugar or table salt). You can buy it, of the variety that you like the most, already ground, but you can also grind it at home with the help of a grinder. Thus, at the time of doing so, the coffee will give off all its aroma.
  • Although you can use tap water, it is recommended that you use mineral water. Preheating it, before pouring it into the coffee maker tank, is a simple trick so that the coffee is exposed to the heat of the fire for as little time as possible.
  • The secret of a perfect coffee in an Italian coffee machine is to pay attention to the moment in which the liquid coffee begins to sprout at the top. When you see that it doesn't come out anymore, the coffee maker shouldn't remain on fire for a minute because the coffee should never boil. What boils is the water, which is responsible for 'ripping' all its aroma, texture and flavor.
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How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee in an Italian Coffee Maker