How to Use Honeybush Tea for your Skin

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 4, 2020
How to Use Honeybush Tea for your Skin

Honeybush tea, is a herbal tea from South Africa, that is known to provide a wide range of health, hair and skin benefits. Laden with nutrients, antioxidants and minerals like potassium, copper, calcium and iron, it is considered a healthier alternative to most other teas and/or coffee. pecially those caused by: environmental factors, inflammation and aging. It also improves the UV protection in your skin and reduces skin inflammation and wrinkles. Find out here at oneHOWTO about how to use honeybush tea for your skin.

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Honeybush tea benefits

Before we take a look at how we can use Honeybush tea for the skin, let's remind you about the benefits of Honeybush tea:

  • Honeybush tea is found to be very effective in improving skin healthy. It prevents a number of skin related disorders caused by: pollution, inflammation, aging and even cancer. Since this tea protects skin from harmful effects of inflammation, it is found to be beneficial for the skin if you suffer from: acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, photo aging, wrinkles or UV burns. Honeybush also keeps dry, reactive or inflamed skin healthy. It improves the skin's glow by keeping it hydrated and moisturized. It promotes the growth of new skin cells, thus keeping it healthy and spotless.
  • Skin is the largest organ of the body and acts as a barrier between the environment and the interior body of a person. Honeybush tea is therefore effective in emphasizing the metabolic processes necessary for the activity and viability of skin cells. It helps in promoting healthy features in the skin, such as: its elasticity, barrier function, pigmentation and humidity.
  • As you age, your skin starts showing different signs of: aging, fine lines, deep wrinkles, skin sagginess, skin dullness etc. Regular consumption of Honeybush tea is helpful in promoting the growth and development of new skin cells, keeping your skin rejuvenated and fresher for longer. New skin is also able to fight against factors like UV rays, free radicals, chemicals, pollutants etc.
  • Skin is regularly exposed to: urban pollution, chemicals and xenobiotics in the air. These pollutants noxiously affect your skin and can lead to conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis and atopic dermatitis. Oxidative attacks on the skin can also trigger local inflammation in different parts of your body. The skin starts deteriorating and in turn becomes subject to irritation, pain, discomfort and inflammation. Some common disorders include: redness, scabs, irritation, erythemas inflammation or oedemas.
  • Honeybush tea contains scavenging free radicals that are found to be helpful in preventing aging and deterioration of the skin. Free radicals reduce oxidative stress placed on the skin, thereby improving your skin health making it look healthier and younger.
How to Use Honeybush Tea for your Skin - Honeybush tea benefits

Honeybush tea for skin

There are several methods by which you can improve your skin using honeybush tea and its extract. Some suggestions include;

  • Drinking honeybush tea: Drinking Honeybush tea on a regular basis is found to keep your skin protected against UV rays. It modulates: inflammation, oxidative damage and proliferation of the skin, thus keeping it protected. It is also known to reduce symptoms of sunburn, which include: skin hardening, peeling, edema and erythema. Honeybush tea contains hesperidin and magniferin that protects your skin against aging and prevents a number of skin related disorders. The antifungal properties of this tea helps in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. Drinking Honeybush tea gives a soothing effect to your skin and reduces skin irritation.
  • Honeybush oral capsules: Honeybush is also now found in oral capsule form. These capsules are found to be extremely helpful in treating skin inflammation. This is because Honeybush tea contains phenolic compounds that relieve inflammation prevent development of a chronic inflammatory disease. It down-regulates the inflammatory response of your body, providing relief from irritation and skin flare-ups, like eczema and psoriasis. Honeybush tea is free of caffeine and is laden with vitamins and minerals. Phenolic compounds in it protect your immunity from oxidative stress which causes damage to your skin cells. It also modulates your immunity keeping your body’s natural defense system active against skin infections. Since oral capsules work from inside your body, taking 2 capsules everyday can prove to be great alternative treatment for topical eczema, acne, rosacea and proriasis applications. You can take the capsules any time during the day, even before bed time.
  • Honeybush tea moisturizer: Moisturizers made from Honeybush tea contain concentrated amounts of this tea, and has proven to be effective in hydrating, firming and plumping the skin. It is also helpful in removing wrinkles and fine lines. It is full of strong antioxidants and plant extracts that promote overall skin health. The Hyaluronic acid in Honeybush enhances the elastin and collagen production in your body. This moisturizer leaves your skin feeling: moisturized, fresh, hydrated and soft.
  • Honeybush as a face scrub: Face scrub made from Honeybush tea contains magnesium that keeps your stress levels down. Since this tea does not contain caffeine, it works as a relaxing sedative to encourage deep sleep. All these effects work together to make you feel relaxed, and thus improve your skin texture. Honeybush tea also contains aspalathin and nothofagin, which offer: antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral effects to your skin, as well as whole body. The antioxidant content in this face scrub attacks free radicals. It contains calcium, zinc, potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron and copper, all of which work together to regenerate your skin cells, providing deep nourishment.
  • Honeybush Tea Bags as an Under-Eye Treatment: Honeybush tea contains antioxidants like proanthocyanidins, flavonoids and polyphenols. Polyphenols are effective in reducing cell damage. Flavonoids are effective in fighting against environmental factors, such as UV rays, industrial toxins, electromagnetic frequencies and pollution. Proanthocyanidins work as anti-allergy and anti-cancer agents by diminishing oxidative damage of skin cells.You can also use Honeybush tea bags on your skin. Your skin naturally absorbs anything placed on it, including the minerals contained in Honeybush tea bags. You may use them as eye pads or even use them as gentle shower scrubs.
  • Making a face wash: You can make a face wash with Honeybush tea using 1 cup water and ¼ cup dry Honeybush tea leaves. Pour the tea leaves in a ceramic or any other non-metal bowl. Boil 1 cup water and pour it on the tea leaves in the bowl. Cover with lid and keep aside for 20-30 minutes. Now strain out the leaves and let the mixture cool at room temperature. You can keep this face wash stored in the refrigerator for up to one week. Wash your face with this mixture everyday to cleanse. Doing this will not only improve the health and texture of your skin, but will also fight acne. You may also add this mixture in your bath tub, and soak in it for a few minutes for an overall effect.
  • Honeybush enhanced face steam: Boil one cup of honeybush tea and steam your face. It will remove all impurities from your skin, treat scars and also prevent wrinkles.

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How to Use Honeybush Tea for your Skin