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Is it OK To Take Vitamins With Tea

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Is it OK To Take Vitamins With Tea

The absorption of a vitamin or a mineral is required before the body can use it. Iron and calcium are two minerals that can be 'dissolved' by the compounds in tea. To prevent minerals and tea from mutually interfering it is best that these be taken separately. There is no need to remove either of them from your diet, just be aware of your timing when taking vitamins and tea.

Steps to follow:


Check and see if the tea is a common tea or a herbal one. Teas are divided into two families.

Tea made from leaves that come from Camellia sinensis are regularly 'common' tea: green, black tea, white and oolong. All drinks containing caffeine (except for decaffeinated tea) come from these leaves that include some remarkable health benefits, especially in regard to the immune system, inhibiting the growth of tumours, detoxifying and fighting infection. The compounds responsible are flavonoids and catechins - both are types of polyphenols. Phytates and polyphenols may sound familiar because of their reputation as antioxidants, but the power of these compounds does not stop there. They also have the ability to 'grab' or 'bind' the substances that should be maintained in the body - specifically, calcium and iron.

Teas that are classified as 'herbal' (e.g. Rooibos tea) have much lower concentrations of these compounds that can interfere and should not be a cause for concern.

Is it OK To Take Vitamins With Tea - Step 1

Take vitamins or iron supplements two hours before or after drinking tea. Iron tablets, either alone or in multivitamin format, should not be mixed with tea. The 'tannins' in tea should stay away from supplements, but not for long. Iron deficiency, a condition called anaemia, can lead to weakness, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, and difficulty breathing or depression. An anaemic body automatically absorbs more iron than those who do not need it, while an excess of iron decreases the amount of iron absorbed. The separation of the dose into two daily servings instead of one, both with gaps from teas that contain tannins, will help maximize absorption.

Is it OK To Take Vitamins With Tea - Step 2

Take calcium two hours before or after drinking tea. Calcium is important for muscle contraction, nerve conduction and blood clotting, and about 1,000 mg / day should be consumed daily by most adults, and an extra 200 mg for women over 51. As 2 oz of milk or yoghurt has a minimum of 300 mg, while calcium-fortified drinks (orange juice, soy milk) are about 200-300 mg per cup, you only require a good source to meet recommended amounts.


For people who are particularly concerned about their bone health or are developing osteoporosis, taking a supplement can act as a safeguard measure. Again, tannins and phytates can interfere with the absorption, so supplements must not be taken within 2 hours of drinking tea.

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Hi I take herbal tea( Pukka Tea: Womankind) with cranberry supplements and i use it to wash down the liquid cod liver oil i take is that okay or do i just use regular water to drink it
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Nelo,

There should be no contraindications if you take the vitamins with tea.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Anthony,

Both DHEA and ginger are known to thin the blood. This may influence your decision to take them. However, you will need to discuss it with your doctor first as only they will be able to give sufficient advice on the subject.
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Is it OK To Take Vitamins With Tea